THE ROLLING STONES 1983 2015 promo publishing LP - rare vinyl collector item

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THE ROLLING STONES 1983-2015 promo publishing LP

THE ROLLING STONES 19832015 promo publishing LP
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26 Mar 2016
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Anaheim, California

Item Description

THE ROLLING STONES 1983-2015 hails from 2015 and is a U.S. 12-track limited edition promo vinyl sampler from BMG Music Publishing. The sampler is housed in a color picture sleeve, and also includes an insert which is numbered (131 of 250) with tracklistings and pictures of the issued albums in the release period. An incredible rarity!
Side One:
You Got Me Rocking
Love is Strong
One Hit (To The Body)
Rock and a Hard Place
No Spare Parts
One More Shot
Side Two:
Don’t Stop
Mixed Emotions
Rough Justice
Look What The Cat Dragged In
Winning Ugly
Streets of Love
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