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NEGATIVE APPROACH 7" First Pressing w/Lyric Sheet Along With Test Pressing

NEGATIVE APPROACH 7 First Pressing wLyric Sheet Along With Test Pressing
Auction Details:
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11 Jun 2016
Seller Location
Beverly, Massachusetts

Item Description

As John Brannon would say, "Check it out"  ..... Super Duper Rare, Never played copy of NA's first EP. The cover is hand colored by either John or Larissa (I know they did it, I was in their apt. with them). This absolutely new. I had the demo on tape and have a test pressing as well. Played the hell out of that tape. Handwritten on inside top of jacket is "Support your Scene" probably written by Larissa (RIP). Love these guys. Happy to see this end up in a true collector's hands. A piece of rock n' roll history! I doubt there is another like this in this condition. I'm also including a test pressing of the same EP