The Lillingtons 6x LP Metal Box Set 17 500 Teenage Bottlerocket Nofx Blink 182 - rare vinyl collector item

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The Lillingtons 6x LP Metal Box Set 17/500 Teenage Bottlerocket Nofx Blink 182

The Lillingtons 6x LP Metal Box Set 17500 Teenage Bottlerocket Nofx Blink 182
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21 Dec 2016
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Mesa, Arizona

Item Description

The Lillingtons "Self-Titled" 6x LPBox Set Red Scare/Clearview Records CRVW-60 (US)

Vinyl is Mint, Box is Mint

Limited Edition of 500 this one is number 17

Limited Edition Metal Box Only 50 exist

Pressed on 250 Gram Red Vinyl
Track Listing:

The Too Late ShowA1GunbulletA2Target EarthA3All I Hear Is StaticA4The Augur's TaleA5Mars Vs. HollywoodB1Do It U.S.S.R.B2ZombiesB3Vaporize My BrainB4Russian AttackB5Charlie Goes To CambodiaB6Stay TunedThe Backchannel BroadcastC1Final TransmissionC2MindcontrolC3The KidsC4El PaminoC5DynomiteC6Mr. So & SoC7One Armed ManC8Danger LightsD1Blue StealD2Sant Fe-0D3ThunderballD4The Russians Are ComingD5Wrecking BallD6Badman With The Devil's HandD7Six Ways To DieDeath By TelevisionE1War Of The WorldsE2Don't Trust The HumanoidsE3Black Hole In My MindE4I Saw The Apeman (On The Moon)E5X-Ray SpecsE6Invasion Of The SaucermanE7You're The Only OneF1I Need Some Brain DamageF2Codename: PeabrainF3Phantom MaggotF4Robots In My DreamsF5Murder On My MindF6CavemanF7I Came From The FutureShit Out Of LuckG1Lillington HighG2I Don't Think She CaresG3Pom Pom GirlG4Kevin Is A LunatickG5I Got Screwed AgainG6Oh BoyG7Danny's ProblemsH1I Got Abducted By A UFOH2Smart AssH3My Genitals ItchH4TonightH5Day OffH6Ramble OnH7Reform SchoolH8Hooked On YouTechnically Unsound (Black Cover)I1Reform SchoolI2Homecoming QueenI3JohnnyI4Saturday NightI5I Don't Think She CaresI6Lillington HighI7Ramble OnI8Nowhere FastI9Oh BoyI10Kevin Is A LunaticI11I Got Abducted By A UFOI12Stupid WorldJ1Nowhere FastJ2Alien GirlJ3Teenage AssholeJ4Wrapped Around Her Little FingerJ5Homecoming QueenJ6For The Fun Of ItTechnically Unsound (White Cover)K1Another 10 HoursK2If I Had A DollarK3Blitzkrieg BopK4Stupid WorldK5Brain DamageK6If I Could See Into Your HeadK7When The Clock Strikes 2L1JohnnyL2Saturday NightL3I Lost My MarblesL4The Day I Went AwayL5Smart AssL6Lillington HighL7Day OffL8I Don't Think She Cares
The Lillingtonsare apunk rockband fromNewcastle, Wyoming. Their sound often draws comparisons with the punk rock band theRamones.

The original lineup consisting of Kody Templeman, Zack Rawhauser, Cory Laurence, and Tim (Timmy V) O'Hara as a four-piece only recorded the first 7","I Lost My Marbles", produced by Joe King ofThe Queersfor hisMore Bounce to the Ouncecompilation CD. The band continued as a three-piece after Zack quit.
Their first full-length album, titledShit Out of Luck, was released on Clearview Records in 1996. Following the release of their first album the band changed their lyrical focus. In 1999 they went into the studio with producer-engineerMass Giorginito record a new LP. This was done with the band's own money, and without the benefit of a record label. The result wasDeath By Television, an album that tooksci-fi movie-themed songs such as "War Of The Worlds" and "Invasion Of The Saucermen" and combined them with tracks that made references to other retro themes, such as "X-Ray Specs." The recordings instantly created a buzz. Successful labelFat Wreck Chordsoffered to release the album, but the band had already accepted an offer. They signed with Panic Button Records, an imprint of influential punk labelLookout! Recordsthat was overseen byBen WeaselofScreeching Weaselfame.
The band spent the next two years touring heavily within the punk scene and disbanded after teaming with Giorgini for their final Panic Button/Lookout! release, the spy-themed LPThe Backchannel Broadcast,which was released in February, 2001. The album included the song "Wait It Out", written byBen Weaseland later re-recorded byThe Riverdalesfor their recordPhase Three.
John Jughead (ofScreeching Weaseland