OST Various James Horner Apollo 13 MCA Gold CD 11316 RAR OOP - rare vinyl collector item

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OST Various/James Horner Apollo 13 MCA Gold CD 11316 RAR OOP

OST VariousJames Horner Apollo 13 MCA Gold CD 11316 RAR OOP
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OST Various/James Horner Apollo 13 MCA Gold CD RAR

Erscheinungsdatum:1. August 1995
Label: MCA MCAD-11316
Format:AudioCD (CD-Anzahl: 1)


1. Main Title (1:31)
2. One Small Step (0:42)
3. "Night Train" (James Brown) (3:29)
4. "Groovin'" (The Young Rascals) (2:27)
5. "Somebody To Love" (Jefferson Airplane") (2:56)
6. "I Can See For Miles" (The Who) (4:14)
7. "Purple Haze" (Jimi Hendrix) (2:49)
8. Launch Control (3:28)
9. "All Systems Go" - The Launch (6:39)
10. Welcome To Apollo 13 (0:38)
11. "Spirit In The Sky" (Norman Greenbaum) (3:55)
12. House Cleaning / Houseton, We Have A Problem (1:34)
13. Master Alarm (2:54)
14. What's Going On? (0:34)
15. Into The L.E.M. (3:43)
16. Out Of Time / Shut Her Down (2:20)
17. The Dark Side Of The Moon (5:09)
18. Failure Is Not An Option (1:18)
19. "Honky Tonkin'" (Hank Williams) (2:41)
20. "Blue Moon" (The Mavericks) (4:10)
21. Waiting For Disaster / A Privilege (0:43)
22. Re-entry & Splashdown (9:05)
23. End Titles (5:34)

Review by Tom Demalon

The soundtrack to director Ron Howard's 1995 blockbuster Apollo 13 effectively blends dialogue, actual audio clips from newscasts, classic songs, and portions of conductor James Horner's original score, creating a worthy aural companion. Included are songs from the period of the titular spacecraft's peril-fraught mission, such as the Young Rascals' "Groovin'," Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love," the Who's "I Can See for Miles," and a classy version of the oft-covered "Blue Moon" by the Mavericks (produced by Nick Lowe). The orchestrated score manages to capture the drama of the events in a manner that ranges from quietly stirring to sweepingly epic, with Eurythmic Annie Lennox adding her distinctive, ethereal vocal accompaniment to several of the cuts.

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Condition: VG: VERY GOOD

"Item Condition" notes:

SS / OVP: CD & LP is factory sealed in shrink-wrap or cellophane.

NEU / NEW: CD & LP is open and not yet played.(Achtung: = Nicht alle neuen CDs werden vom Hersteller eingeschweißt!)

NM: NEAR MINT CD & LP Just about in perfect condition.

E: EXCELLENT CD & LP Near perfect, may show very light signs of use & maybe one very light scratch.

VG: VERY GOOD CD & LP CD has some very minor wear (several very light scratches or marks). If insert, may have dimple marks or very light wrinkles/folds,

G: GOOD CD & LP Some to very heavier wear or tear (some to very scratches throughout the CD), still plays perfectly. If insert, may have some wrinkles, folds, ripples, tears or multiple case. If case has cracked or is broken.

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