Plastic Cloud Same s t TOP CAN FUZZ PSYCH 1969 ORIGINAL LP on ALLIED - rare vinyl collector item

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Plastic Cloud - Same (s/t) TOP CAN FUZZ-PSYCH 1969 ORIGINAL LP on ALLIED

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26 Mar 2017
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Meine LP-Sammlung wurde durch Überschwemmung zum großen Teil vernichtet !
Die angebotene LP konnte ich zum Glück noch retten - allerdings wurde das Cover durch das Wasser beschädigt:
Die LP selber wurde mit einer Plattenwaschmaschine rückstandslos gesäubert.Das Cover wurde so gut es ging getrocknet, der Schlamm hat aber Spuren hinterlassen und das Cover ist wellig !

My record-collection was largely destroyed through flooding. This offered LP was saved , but the cover was damaged by the water

The LP itself was cleaned up without residue with a record-washing-machine. The cover was dried, but marks of mud are visible. The cover is warped.

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  • Label:Allied Records 10, CAN 1969
  • Zustand:Record: mint
    cover: warped + traces of mud, but no seamsplits !
    insert: watermarks + mudmarks but otherwise intact
  • Kommentar:von rockasteria:
    At first listen I was not impressed with the Plastic Cloud’s only offering. After reading all the hype about mind-jarring fuzz guitars and John Lennon-like vocals I found the disc rather mediocre and unimpressive. After several more spins I began to appreciate the band’s intensity and lysergic charm: this disc truly does deliver the goods if you’re into hardcore, late-night psych sounds. Two of the tracks (“Civilization Machine” and “You Don’t Care”) come close to or exceed the ten minute mark and both are repetitive but also very good. “You Don’t Care” features nasty eastern style fuzztone and powerful drum work that never bores despite its 10.5 minute length. Other tracks like “Epistle To Paradise” and the superb “Bridge Under The Sky” show a dreamy, softer folk-rock side which is equally appealing. These tracks have a nice trippy production and attractive ringing guitars. Another gem, the “Dainty General Rides Again” sounds like a lost British psych pop nugget and features a nice brief fuzz guitar break. While not a major classic, Plastic Cloud is surely one of the better Canadian psych albums and is consistently good throughout. The guitarists’ tones vaguely remind me of Jorma Kaukonen’s work with the Jefferson Airplane: these guitar tones coil, uncoil, and burrow deep into your head like all great psych guitar solos should. Once again, if you enjoy great, ripping fuzz guitar and sinister vocals (check out “Shadows Of Your Mind”) this album is definitely for you.
  • Tracks:
    A1 Epistle To Paradise 3:25 A2 Shadows Of Your Mind 4:10 A3 Art's A Happy Man 3:05 A4 You Don't Care 10:25 B1 Bridge Under The Sky 4:25 B2 Face Behind The Sun 4:43 B3 Dainty General Rides 4:05 B4 Civilization Machine 8:55

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Ich biete nur originale LP's an.
I am offering only original LP's.

Zustandbeschreibung: erst LP dann Cover

Grading: Record / cover


mint/m : Die Platte (bzw. Cover) ist in jeder Beziehung optisch und akustisch in einem neuwertigem Zustand /
The record/cover is in every waylike new !

very good /vg = Platte ist gespielt und weist leichte Fremdgeräusche auf . Haarkratzer sind vorhanden jedoch kaum hörbar. Cover hat leichte Abnutzungsspuren /
Record is used and has slight surface noise. Slight scratches may be seen but only very hard to hear. Cover shows slight traces of wear

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