Vintage NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS vinyl Lp 1968 not a RI PSYCH - rare vinyl collector item

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Vintage NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS vinyl Lp 1968 (not a RI) PSYCH

Vintage NEW TWEEDY BROTHERS vinyl Lp 1968 not a RI PSYCH
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13 Mar 2017
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Woodburn, Oregon

Item Description

This album was obtained directly from Freddy Lackaff at his house in Goose Hollow, Portland Oregon, winter 1968. It is absolutely authentic and original. Again, this is not a reissue phonograph record and the jacket is not a reprint either. Record has not been played to death; probably less than 20 times, always with good equipment. CONDITION: Jacket ~ considering the oddball hexagonal shape, the jacket has suffered from not fitting well on record shelves. Corners are munched in a bit; creased; but not torn, folded, or stained. No pencil or pen marks; no tape or stickers. Also, the faux metallic finish is a bit dulled. Disc ~ Disc is in much better shape. Vinyl retains most of it's original gloss. Tracks fine, does not skip, no scratches, not warped or cracked, plays all the way through both sides with only the minimum of surface noise. Remember this was a budget pressing - not on the highest quality vinyl to begin with, so some surface noise is evident between tracks and during the lead-in and take-out grooves. Label ~ label is perfectly intact with one or two very minor spindle rubs near the hole. Again, no stickers, no tape, no pen or pencil marks. Inner Sleeve ~ white paper inner sleeve is in good condition, not torn, no marks. I am not a record dealer, I have this album because of my friendship with the Tweedy Brothers during that time. IF you are concerned or have questions, please contact me, I will answer all questions... even about the band.