Led Zeppelin I 1 UK Red Plum LP 1st SUPERHYPE TURQUOISE UNCORRECTED - rare vinyl collector item

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26 Apr 2017
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Welcome to my auctions....The time has come to sell my huge record collection over the next weeks/months...so check out my other vinyl listed, more added each week.
I am a private collector, selling my collection, I am not a dealer. Due to poor hearing, The record is sold as visually inspected so please base your bidding solely on this not what it might sound/play like. Even the most visually stunning record can have background noise, if you want perfect audio then please find another copy with audio gradings.
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I (1) - Red and Plum Atlantic Labels - Stereo - 1969 - 1st UK Pressing - MONSTER Rarity - Both Labels Have The Earliest 'Superhype' Credit, Changed almost instantly to Warner Bros - Silver Line Along Bottom Of TURQUOISE Lettered Sleeve - Uncorrected Matrix Numbers - Highly Sought After
Priced to reflect condition - a Nr Mint one will sell for 5000GBP
588171 A//1 1 2 1
588171 B//1 1 1
Side 1 has NO deep Marks and NO deep Scratches, In normal light a light surface scuff is visable which goes across all tracks but is not feelable and certainly not deep, there are some light hairline scratches again non feelable and light and a number of extremely light sleeve removal lines under strong artificial light. It has a nice original shine.
Side 2 has less hairline scratches and in normal light looks very clean, under strong artificial light there are some light non feelable hairline scratches and extremely light sleeve removal marks, again it has a nice original shine. It is not perfect but is not a bad copy at all of this Very rare earliest uncorrected pressing, so hard to come by, Is Visually Described, Please base your bidding solely on this.
Labels Have no damage and no wear, Really great condition, signs of being played under strong light (spiders legs)...see photos
Earliest and Rarest TURQUOISE Laminated Sleeve with silver line is flat and generally clean on the front and back (small brown mark above airship on front and minor browning to creases is the only dirty patches), Top and Bottom Edges have on very minor wear, corners have some wear, mainly top and bottom right, Spine has some creases running through but is still pretty solid and fully readable. There are a number of creases near spine front and back and some of these are browned, Opening edge has light feathering front and back there are also a lot of laminate creases along opening edge (Please see photos) There is a crease, top left following shape of the record. PLEASE look at the photos, they will show condition much better than my visual description. It is Not a bad example if you think that so few of these were made and it's nearly 50 years old. If you want Perfect then treble or quadruple the price and wait 5 years until one comes up, this is sold as described and pictured so please ensure you have read and looked at all details before purchasing...See Photos
A Very Rare LP, Earliest Superhype Credits on Both Label, MONSTER Rare TURQUOISE Sleeve, Highly Sought After, but sold as visually described.
I will describe any flaws such as wear to sleeves, scuffs, marks or scratches to vinyl and describe them honestly, if you expect a better condition than I have listed then you need to learn to read. I will grade based on visual inspection under artificial light. PLEASE remember this is Vinyl...even brand new vinyl can have clicks and pops...that's part of its charm...if you want perfect audio without background noise...how about CD's or MP3's? Due to my poor hearing, The record is sold as visually inspected so please base your bidding solely on this, in the event that a record may not play well or have background noise no refund will be given because I have no way of verifying and as such, if you place a bid you are acknowledging this
With that said....many rarities will be listed, some fair condition some near mint.
Any questions...please ask.
Premium quality record mailers will be used with 2 sheets of additional cardboard.
All records are sent Sign For, Tracked and Insured for the purchase price, The postage cost reflects this.