Kiss Kissteria Ultimate Vinyl Roadcase 23 sealed LPs case inserts - rare vinyl collector item

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Kiss Kissteria Ultimate Vinyl Roadcase 23 sealed LPs case/inserts

Kiss Kissteria Ultimate Vinyl Roadcase 23 sealed LPs caseinserts
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12 Apr 2017
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'Kissteria Ultimate Vinyl Roadcase'

Itemre listed due to a fault in the original listing.

Condition: All LPs and inserts sealed!

Kissteria Roadcase shipped in 2014 by Universal with 34 LPs,spacers ,and memorabilia.

It was shipped in two stages. The 1stbeing some LPs and the memorabilia. the 2nd containing the last of the LPs

Here we have the 1st part of the shipment but not the second. So we have 23 of the 34 LPs, all sealed, the two spacers, thesealed numbered certificate of authenticity, a headband, Kiss Dominoes, Posters, prints, a turntable mat and a Kissteria sticker.

Every item is in mint condition andsealed.

The LPs are:

1. Alive!

2. Kiss

3. Kick it up

4. Monster

5. Dressed to Kill

6. Creatures of the Night

7. Love Gun

8. Asylum

9. Dynasty

10. Animalize

11. Destroyer

12. Hotter Than Hell

13. Music from "The Elder"

14. Unmasked

15. Unplugged

16. Hot in the Shade

17. CrazyNights

18. Revenge

19. Rock and Roll Over

20. TheMillennium Concert

21. Psycho Circus

22. Carnival of Souls, The FinalSessions

23. Alive III

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Shipping overseas is going to cost a fortune but can be arranged at a price.