Elvis Presley SPD 15 box set jukebox promo kit with title strips - rare vinyl collector item

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Elvis Presley SPD 15 box set jukebox promo-kit with title strips

Elvis Presley SPD 15 box set jukebox promokit with title strips
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18 Jan 2014
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San Diego, California

Item Description

RCA jukebox promo set SPD-15, with Elvis Presley on sides 7 & 14; this is apparently Elvis' first release on RCA, though not directly a commercial release. Vinyl is VG+ though both sides show slight wear, but nothing of dramatic note.  The other items included are the box which shows rub-wear on all surfaces but mainly on the edges and corners of the pic, 4 other of the SPD-15 records with theirs sleeves & 5 empty sleeves (as they were found to have SPD 19 records in them), one set of jukebox strips, and several Billboard notices tracking Elvis' rise as he moved from the SUN label to the RCA label. All sleeves have no splits, writing, etc., but do show slight rub-wear on fronts and light spotting on the back sides There are too many photos to upload as I am limited to 12, so i doubled up images  to get all scans included. Due to several bad experiences with Paypal, I no longer accept payment through Paypal, but I do accept credit card payments via a virtual credit card terminal, which is affiliated with ebay and should be available on ebay payment checkout.  All shipments will be required to have a tracking/confirmation number; international packages will require REGISTERED mail. I generally have a 7 day return policy which is necessarily expanded if you are outside the USA; if you are dissatisfied with an item, I will refund the bid price but not the shipping; return shipping is at the expense of the buyer. Any questions, please address them through ebay, unless you are a familiar buyer and have my direct email address. If you have questions that I cannot answer, you can bid, receive, and inspect the item before accepting it or returning for whatever reason. Payment options include personal-cks as well as postal M.O.s., but NO PAYPAL-no exceptions. If you attempt to pay by Paypal, your payment cannot be accepted ( I have no Paypal account)), and the item will not be shipped. Paypal is the ONLY form of payment I do NOT accept. I have what ebay calls a MERCHANT ACCOUNT (see ebay help pages for further info), this account links DIRECTLY to my ebay checkout, so Paypal is not involved even as a Cc option. If Paypal is included as a checkout link, you need to ignore that link and choose CREDIT CARD as the option. If you end up trying to pay with Payapl, your payment will not be accepted and the item will not ship, as I do not have a Paypal account.  The credit card option should link you to a page that has fields for your basic Cc info: name, number, and expiration date of your card. Click SUBMIT, and that will complete the payment.
On Jan-12-14 at 11:59:33 PST, seller added the following information:

i have received several questions regarding this item, so I went online and found further information of the broad background for the production and distribution of this item.The following is an excerpt from a URL titled: Jukeboxes: an American Social History. Googlethat title and find the specific reference on page 239 of the section titled,Jukes Have One Final Fling. The Excerpt: Within two weeks of announcing its campaign, Billboard had received more than 1,100 direct requests from various members of the industry for promotional kits. Those were in addition to more than 7,500 kits mailed  already to top operators, associations, and disk jockeys at the start of the  campaign. Local events to mark the anniversary included a proclamation  by Arkansas governor, Francis Cherry who declared the week beginning  May 24 as“National Juke Box Week”. The Common Council of Detroit  also proclaimed the week of May 24 as “National Juke Box Week”.
On Jan-13-14 at 12:28:45 PST, seller added the following information:

I finally got a chance to clean and play these records. Of the 5, only 2 have visible scratches, the Elvis and the Chet Atkins; the Elvis scratches are not audible on my '50s vintage player, but the Atkins has noticible clicks, but no skips.
On Jan-13-14 at 12:54:44 PST, seller added the following information:

One further note on the rarity of these jukebox promos.: To remark the obvious,  the disks and strips in these nearly 10,000 jukebox kits were all destined to live out their lives on jukeboxes, so there was never any anticipation that they might be returned to their packaging; subsequently, the packaging only served to protect the records in transit and was necessarily discarded after the contents were removed. A juke-operator who might have retained hundreds of packages would have needed a reason as well as a place and to store such inherently useless packaging. When the records were removed, after years of play, they were generally picked up by used-record outlets for resale for as little as 10 cents for an Elvis on the SUN label.  In my own home town, Coronado, CA, we still have one restaurant with a jukebox, and there are  small juke-selection machines at every table, as well as evenly spaced along the coffee-counter. Many of the tunes from the '50s and '60s are still available on that jukebox.