7 The Servicemen Chartmaker Sweet Magic Northern Soul vg vg soundclip - rare vinyl collector item

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7" The Servicemen Chartmaker Sweet Magic Northern Soul vg/vg- soundclip

7 The Servicemen Chartmaker Sweet Magic Northern Soul  vgvg soundclip
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02 Feb 2014
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Burbank, California

Item Description

Sweet Magic / Connie by The Servicemen - Chartmaker C-408
Sorry to say it's not in great condition though the good news is that it does play through with no skips - there is a bit of noise but it it will work fine for a DJ gig and as a filler until (and if you ever) find a keeper copy! I guess in some ways this might have to be your keeper copy!
Condition - VG to VG-, WOL on the Connie side, a very very SLIGHT edge warp only on the lead in it does NOT affect the grooves whatsoever and you can barely see it.
I've included a sound clip of part of both sides, as you can hear once the music kicks in to Sweet Magic the noise goes to the background - on the Connie side the intro has more pops but clears up a bit as the track progresses.
OVERSEAS: I must send registered it's the safest way and adds $12 or so to the postage. Please note this before you bid!
Thanks and good luck - wish it was in better shape but still, it's quite a nice item to have!!!

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