Madonna Blond Ambition In Concert Westwood One Radio Show 90 35 3 LP s Live - rare vinyl collector item

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Madonna "Blond Ambition" In Concert Westwood One Radio Show # 90-35, 3 LP's Live

Madonna Blond Ambition In Concert Westwood One Radio Show  9035 3 LPs Live
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08 Jan 2015
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South Orange, New Jersey

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Radio shows were first syndicated on reel to reel tape, later on LP stereo discs, then CD's and now digitally. Collectors can no longer get their hands on this quality material so the ones that are available will keep going up and up in value.These were never intended for public use & most were destroyed or returned to the manufacturer after use, so they're hard to find.
This is the real deal: The Original vinyl discs used for Broadcast in 1990, over 24 years ago. This showwas distributed by Westwood One Radio Networks and comes with the original cue sheet with detailed track listing in excellent condition. Please see the photos of the cue sheet for the detailed track list and timeline.
Here you have one of the RAREST Madonna Records ever made - The actual radio broadcast of the Blond Ambition Tour. Only a handfull of sets still exist. This is considered by many to be one of the hardest and most difficult Madonna items to obtain. This auction contains the 3 record set UNTOUCHED and UN-PLAYED along with the CUE SHEETS which are also in mint condition.


"MADONNA The Blonde Ambition Tour In Concert Legendary Westwood One triple LP radio show, featuring all the hits recorded in October 1990 in Dallas, Texas during the U.S. leg of Madonna's world tour. Ever wondered why everyone seemed to have the bootleg of the Dallas date of the Blond Ambition Tour in edited, but absolutely lovely audio quality? Well, that's because it was specially recorded for a radio broadcast, to be sent around the US Radio Networks for broadcast. The broadcast was simultaneously aired on the weekend of August 27th 1990, three weeks after the tour had ended

The broadcast industry was a little more basic than it is today, so all the radio stations which were taking part in the simulcast were sent a triple LP set of the tour split over six sides of vinyl which they were to play to their listeners on their trusty turntables. As the networks were commercially funded it meant that the tour was split into little bite-size chunks of mostly two-song sections and then the companies which had paid for advertising during the show had their 30 second or 60 second advertisements played.

The sponsors for the tour were Doritos, the US Air Force, Greyhound Buses and CBS Television all aired their promo spots during the broadcast repeatedly! Makes you wonder whether the Air Force had seen the Like A Virgin performance when they agreed to that!

Westwood One was the company that put together the live recording and to say they are legends of radio live music broadcasting is putting it mildly. However, even they aren't infallible - the classic mis-naming of 'Sooner Or Later' featured on every cue-sheet accompanying the triple LP set as did the annoyingly common mis-spelling of 'Blonde' (although they got it right on the actual discs).

Westwood One required all shows to either be returned after broadcasting or to be destroyed (and for the radio station to sign an affidavit confirming this). Obviously, as with anything potentially valuable, this didn't happen and a handful of the sets escaped the radio station recycling bins and made it out to collectors. Those lucky enough to have secured a full set, complete with the original cue sheets now find themselves with a lovely set"

Also includes Westwood One Logo Box as per special agreement with specific buyer.

These discs are sold from one collector to another. No rights are given or implied.

If you have any questions or would like more information, do nothesitate to ask.

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