Rare Limited Edition Pink Floyd 11 Lp Pathe Marconi French Box Set Cpf 1/12

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04 Feb 2016
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Marrero, Louisiana

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See heading and pics for artist, title, and catalog number. Due to a rash of items lost in the mail...international buyers purchasing any item over a $50 value must pay an additional $12.50 for registered mail. Please contact me with any questions or concerns, thank you. Pink Floyd쎂슠쎢얽쎢쎂슠The First XI 쎯슿슼 Label: Harvest쎂슠쎢얽쎢 CPF 1/12 Format: 9 쎃쎂슠Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue쎂슠 2 쎃쎂슠Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue쎂슠 Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue쎂슠 Box Set, Limited Edition,쎂슠9 original albums and 2 compilation (3LP)쎂슠 Country: France Released: 1979 Genre: Rock Style: Psychedelic Rock,쎂슠Prog Rock CollectionWantlist3 from쎂슠$422.39 Tracklist The Piper At The Gates Of DawnA1쎢Pink FloydAstonomy Domin쎃슩A2쎢Pink FloydLucifer SamA3쎢Pink FloydMatilda MotherA4쎢Pink FloydFlamingA5쎢Pink FloydPow R. Toc H.A6쎢Pink FloydTake Up Thy Stethoscope And WalkB1쎢Pink FloydInterstellar OverdriveB2쎢Pink FloydThe GnomeB3쎢Pink FloydChapter 24B4쎢Pink FloydThe ScarecrowB5쎢Pink FloydBikeA Saucerful Of SecretsC1쎢Pink FloydLet There Be More LightC2쎢Pink FloydRemember A DayC3쎢Pink FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The SunC4쎢Pink FloydCorporal CleggD1쎢Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsD2쎢Pink FloydSee-SawD3쎢Pink FloydJugband BluesMoreE1쎢Pink FloydCirrus MinorE2쎢Pink FloydThe Nile SongE3쎢Pink FloydCrying SongE4쎢Pink FloydUp The KhyberE5쎢Pink FloydGreen Is The ColourE6쎢Pink FloydCymbalineE7쎢Pink FloydParty SequenceF1쎢Pink FloydMain ThemeF2쎢Pink FloydIbiza BarF3쎢Pink FloydMore BluesF4쎢Pink FloydQuicksilverF5쎢Pink FloydA Spanish PieceF6쎢Pink FloydDramatic ThemeUmmagummaG1쎢Pink FloydAstronomy DomineG2쎢Pink FloydCareful With That Axe, EugeneH1쎢Pink FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The SunH2쎢Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsI1쎢Richard WrightSysyphus, Parts 1 - 4I2.1쎢Roger WatersGrantchester MeadowsI2.2쎢Roger WatersSeveral Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A PictJ1쎢David GilmourThe Narrow Way, Part 1 - 3J2쎢Nick MasonThe Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Part 1 - 3Atom Heart Mother쎢Pink FloydAtom Heart MotherK1.1쎢Father's ShoutK1.2쎢Breast MilkyK1.3쎢Mother ForeK1.4쎢Funky DungK1.5쎢Mind Your Throats PleaseK1.6쎢RemergenceL1쎢Pink FloydIfL2쎢Pink FloydSummer '68L3쎢Pink FloydFat Old Sun쎢Pink FloydAlan's Psychedelic BreakfastL4.1쎢Rise And ShineL4.2쎢Sunny Side UpL4.3쎢Morning GloryRelicsM1쎢Pink FloydArnold LayneM2쎢Pink FloydInterstellar OverdriveM3쎢Pink FloydSee Emily PlayM4쎢Pink FloydRemember A DayM5쎢Pink FloydPaintboxN1쎢Pink FloydJulia DreamN2쎢Pink FloydCareful With That Axe, EugeneN3쎢Pink FloydCirrus MinorN4쎢Pink FloydThe Nile SongN5쎢Pink FloydBiding My TimeN6쎢Pink FloydBikeMeddleO1쎢Pink FloydOne Of These DaysO2쎢Pink FloydA Pillow Of WindsO3쎢Pink FloydFearlessO4쎢Pink FloydSan TropezO5쎢Pink FloydSeamusP1쎢Pink FloydEchoesObscured By CloudsQ1쎢Pink FloydObscured By CloudsQ2쎢Pink FloydWhen You're InQ3쎢Pink FloydBurning BridgesQ4쎢Pink FloydThe Gold It's In The...Q5쎢Pink FloydWot's... Uh The DealQ6쎢Pink FloydMudmenR1쎢Pink FloydChildhood's EndR2쎢Pink FloydFree FourR3쎢Pink FloydStayR4쎢Pink FloydAbsolutely CurtainsThe Dark Side Of The MoonS1쎢Pink FloydSpeak To MeS2쎢Pink FloydBreatheS3쎢Pink FloydOn The RunS4쎢Pink FloydTimeS5쎢Pink FloydThe Great Gig In The SkyT1쎢Pink FloydMoneyT2쎢Pink FloydUs And ThemT3쎢Pink FloydAny Colour You LikeT4쎢Pink FloydBrain DamageT5쎢Pink FloydEclipseWish You Were HereU1쎢Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One), Part 1 - 5U2쎢Pink FloydWelcome To The MachineV1쎢Pink FloydHave A CigarV2쎢Pink FloydWish You Were HereV3쎢Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two), Part 6 - 9AnimalsW1쎢Pink FloydPigs On The Wing (Part One)W2쎢Pink FloydDogsX1쎢Pink FloydPigs (Three Different Ones)X2쎢Pink FloydSheepX3쎢Pink FloydPigs On The Wing (Part Two) Companies, etc. Made By쎂슠쎢쎂슠Path쎃슩 Marconi Notes A twelve LP box set of reissues of the first ten Pink Floyd albums and one compilation on 12 vinyls. Box is black felt with silver foil prism on front and back.쎂슠 Embossed in silver on the inside of the box top, it says "Made In Italy By C/E." Includes a 12 1/4 inch X 3 3/8 inch insert that lists the titles in the set.쎂슠 Made in Italy by C/E These are high quality, high grade copies. I did not feel it necessary to take photos of the inserts or labels. Each audiophile or quadraphonic LP I have listed at this time is in Top Copy condition with full inserts, Near Mint to Mint covers, and, Mint vinyl with beautiful labels and full factory gloss. They are all outstanding examples. Individual grading is as follows.... BEAUTIFUL top copy box set from France. Very limited and EXTREMELY hard to find. Cover/box: Mint Vinyl: visually graded Mint. All of these seem to be unplayed copies. They are All in the original shrink. Dark side of the moon is still sealed. MY GRADING SCALE: Below are definitions of each of my grading categories. Make sure to see (*) for current records grade definition. I USE THE GOLDMINE GRADING STANDARD AS THE BASIS FOR GRADING ALL LP's AND 45's. Covers are graded separately. Near Mint: very clean unmarked copy. Pic sleeve, if present, will be of the highest quality. *VG++: May have just a couple of sleeve rubs only. This will be a very clean high gloss copy. Any 45 in this grade can be expected to be a strong collectors keeper. Pic sleeve will be flat with good corners. It will have very few, if any, creases or wrinkles. Sleeve will have no splits. VG+: Will show a few more signs of normal use and wear. The 45 may have very light superficial marks and rubs but will be a well taken care of copy. The record may play with isolated noise at intro and in lower passages of music. The noise will not be continuous and will not overpower the music. Labels may have a small jukebox/address sticker or small name or initial but otherwise will not show any defects. Pic sleeves with this grade may have very light creases. The sleeve may have a small split no larger than 1" in any area. VG: The 45 will show more signs of normal use and wear. It may have lost some of its factory gloss and in some cases might exhibit groove wear upon inspection. This copy will be enjoyable but will play with light background noise. There may also be light but isolated crakle and/or pops and ticks. Any of the previous will not be continous and will remain behind the music at all times and never overpower it. This will be an enjoyable copy but one that has been more heavily played. Pic sleeves with this grade will have noticeable wear. VG-: A 45 that will have either pressing type noise throughout or crackle type noise throughout but not both. This noise will be low but continous. A decent copy and one that can still be enjoyed. This grade is generally used on only very rare or valuable records. Pic sleeves with this grade will exhibit overall wear and may have a tear or completely split but taped seam. G: The 45 will have both heavy background noise and crackle throughout. It will visually be a very rough copy. This grade is only used on records of extreme rarity or value. Pic sleeves with this grade will have many noticeable defects. I am a collector and local dealer here in New Orleans and have been selling records for 10 years. Foremost I am a music and record lover. I grew up in the 70's and my trips to the record store with my family are some of my fondest memories. I loved it on sunday mornings when my dad pulled out his records and played them while mom cooked breakfast. You have my word as someone who treasures and appreciates records that i will grade every record I sell as though I were buying it myself. Money is to precious in these hard times to waste. I don't like wasting mine and I will never make you waste yours. Thanks for viewing my listing and happy digging... All grading is visual unless otherwise stated. Due to time constraints I am not able to play each record. Some records will be visually graded, some will be spot played and some will be fully play graded. Grading method will be stated in each listing immediately behind the records grade. Visually graded records have a no refund policy.

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