SUPER RARE *The Beatles vs Four Seasons* STEREO DXS 30 ORIGINAL LP Vinyl Record

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SUPER RARE The Beatles vs Four Seasons STEREO DXS 30 ORIGINAL LP Vinyl Record
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30 Nov 2015
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Olympia, Washington

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Bairda AuctionsRecord image is actual item. Records are conservatively graded. Records will be shipped double boxed with bubble wrap. See my other auctions for more vintage records. It doesn't get much rarer than this Stereo copy, less than 20 have sold on eBay in the past decade!
Item Details:Artist:The Beatles / Four SeasonsRecord:The International Battle of the Century: The Beatles vs. The Four Seasons (STEREO)Label:Vee-JayYear:1964Country:USNumber of Records:2Catalog Number: DXS 30 (Beatles VJLPS 1062 - dead wax: side1 - 6313 MR 5 63-3402-S URJ; side2 - 6313X MR S 63-3403-S URJ; Four Seasons VJLPS 1065 - dead wax: side1 - 5790 MR 7-30-63; side2 - 5790-X MR 7-31-63 63-3409S)
Item Condition:Cover:VG+. Seams have no splits and only very light touches of wear, spine is very clean and readable. A bit of corner wear on all four corners. Front has two spots of paper loss on the left side and some clear tape still intact in upper right corner, very light ring wear. Back side is super clean with only light ring wear, no writing or other signs of wear. Inside gatefold is in flawless condition, no wear. No notches or hole punches. Original Printed VJ inner sleeves included, one has middle 2" seam splits on 3 sides, the other has a 6" opening on one side and 2" on the other sides. Does not include original foldout Beatles poster.   Label:Beatles: very light marks, a few spindle lines. No writing, very glossy. Four Seasons: both sides are very clean, only a few faint marks. No writing, very glossy.   Record(s):Beatles: Side 1 - visual grade VG, plays EX with NO surface noise, skips or pops. Side 2 - visual grade VG, plays VG, plays clean except for a few pops on the intro to 'Do you want to know a secret'. Both sides have some light scratches. Four Seasons 1: Side 1 - visual grade VG, plays EX. Plays clean, no surface noise or skips. Side 2 - Visual grade G, plays VG, some occasional surface pops, one short skip on track 3 that plays through without repeating. Side 1 has light scratches, Side 2 has more significant scratches. Please contact me if you have questions about condition.

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I'm using the Goldmine Grading scale for Records:

EXCELLENT or EX or VG++ : minor scuffs which are only slightly visible. There may be more than a few scuffs and NO Scratches COVER: Artwork is still as close to perfect as can be. Some impression to the cover (minor outer ring wear) but no ink wear! Some slight creases to the corners, but not wrinkled and obtrusive to the eye. The corners can show white (where the artwork pasted slick was) meaning, slight wear. No seam splits or writing on the cover or taped repairs can make this grade.

VERY GOOD PLUS or VG+ record shows wear, surface scuffs. The vinyl still has a great luster, but the flaws will be noticeable to the naked eye. If the flaws don't cause any surface noise, the vinyl can still make the VG+ grade. COVERS: A virtually clean cover, but may have small writing on it.The artwork looks clean with slightly more aging. The back of the cover usually gives away the age of the cover. Flat white paper will be somewhat yellow yet no stains or mildew from water damage. Some minor wear to the seams or spine, but no tears or holes popping through. The corners will be slightly dog eared yet no crackly bends, defacing the artwork. In essence, a VG+ cover should have no more than 3 flaws mentioned.

VERY GOOD or VG: this record is a record that is good enough. They are not really going to look very good, but it will STILL play very good. there will almost always be some surface noise when they are played. The Dynamics should still be excellent, overpowering the surface noise. A VG record will appear well have been played but still have some luster. VG covers will look worn, used. There may be some seam splitting . There will be some ring wear, where the ink has begun to wear off. Giving the cover a look of snow falling. If the artwork looks snowy all over, it is less than VG condition. There may be some writing on the cover (still, no Large letters in magic marker). It will look aged and more yellowish due to contamination's in the air (sometimes looking like cigarette smoke). Still it should be decent.

GOOD or G: A good record will look very well played, dull, grayish and possibly abused. However a Good record should still play. It will have distracting surface noise. Such as crackle that is continuous or some hiss. Will also have some loss of dynamics caused from grooves being worn. It should play without any skips or any obtrusively loud pops or repeated clicks, caused by deep scratches. Good means that it will play with some form of decency, so one can still enjoy the music even though you can still hear noise caused from the wear. A Good cover will have just about everything wrong with it. It will have seam splits (possibly taped repaired, but only with scotch tape. No duct tape or masking tape repairs. These are big turn offs. May have magic marker writing on the cover but still if they are in huge letters, it is a big turn off.In essence, the cover will looked virtually trashed, but some artwork will still be noticed. If the artwork is worn, it is POOR and the cover is worthless.