Aleke Kanonu - Aleke LP Arcana A1003 - RARE 1980 Nigerian Afro Jazz Funk SEALED

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02 Mar 2016
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Up for auction is this super scarce Aleke Kanonu album, released 1980 on Arcana (A1003). An original LP pressing, from a private collection. Properly sleeved and stored in a climate-controlled environment.
Completely NEW/ unopened/ never played with original seal intact!
There is only one single spot of the shrink wrap that that has torn, a 4-5 cm strip clearly visible on the back of the jacket (see photo). Care has been taken to keep this section from ripping further, and it hasn't presented a problem thus far. Tiny <1 cm sections of the shrink wrap have split a little on the corner seams, along the very top and bottom of the inner jacket opening. On the back, there is also a small 1 cm opening along the bottom seam of the plastic (visible in photo), also very stable. *To be clear, this paragraph pertains strictly to the OUTER SHRINK WRAP, and not any part of the record's actual sleeve, jacket or packaging. These details are being mentioned simply for the purpose of full disclosure, however insignificant they may be.
The outer jacket overall lies flat and corners are uncreased. There is no ring wear, only the slight shape of the bottom half of the record is apparent. Through the sealed opening, the original black-colored inner sleeve (as seen in other listings) is visible.
The vinyl is presumed to be in perfect condition. Naturally, in leaving it sealed, I haven't had the opportunity to test or play it (regrettable, given the album's towering reputation in Afrobeat/disco/fusion/etc, and featuring as it does Wynton Marsalis, Ben Carter and Earl McIntyre among others). That being said, I am selling it as described and as is.
Most international bidders are welcome, but if outside of the US/Canada/UK, please check in the shipping section for approval and cost estimate prior to bidding. If the information shows unavailable, please contact me.
I will be including full insurance on the shipment of the LP. Note that I have already factored the full charge for this into the calculated shipping totals, so that there will be no additional amount due.
Please don't hesitate to send me any and all questions.
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