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12 May 2016
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Concord, North Carolina

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Up for auction we are offering a chance for you to own a very rare autographed poster and record cover of Prince! We have taken lots of picturs so you can assest the condition for yourself! The record is titled Prince - For You! The record is in very good condition, it looks like it has never been played on side 2! On side one after looking from every angel I've noticed a few very lite scratches! When i say lite i mean i had to get a flashlight to see them, so its not that bad! It will not effect the playing! Made in the U.S.A.. The etching around the center label on side one says ( BSK-1-3150 WW1 #2) on side 2 it says ( BSK-2-3150 WW1#2). The year on the cover and the record is 1978! The cover is signed by Prince and says "To Wonda Love Prince". The top of the cover has came apart, its not torn! The seam looks to be split on purpose to prevent damaging the sleeve!There is a hole on the left bottom corner that goes throught the cover and the sleeve but not the record or the poster! On the back of the sleeve it list the songs and everyone associated with them! On the front of the sleeve it has Prince with his guitar! Now the poster! Its also autographed by Prince and says "To Wanda Love You, Prince". The year is also 1978 and on the top it has Prince For You! I do not know if this poster came with the record or not but it is the same title! The condition of the poster is very good! There are no holes in the poster at all! The corners are sharp! The poster has been folded up for many years! The creases are all intact- no splits! There is a small tear right below the P in Prince! But its only about an 1/8 of an inch! I really had to look for it! Again this is from 1978 so the poster has some wavy areas but you can only see them from certain angles! We had Roger Epperson look at the signatures and he said that "they look good to him"!Feel free to ask any questions!
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