The Beatles - Please Please Me - *NR MINT* UK 1963 1st Press GOLD Label MONO LP

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09 May 2016
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Hackham West, SA

Item Description

Here is a opportunity to acquire one of the finest surviving 1st UK mono pressings of the Beatles' debut album.
Of all the hundreds of thousands of copies sold of this album, only ones purchased during the first few weeks of release would have had gold/black labels. This 'old-style' design was replaced just after release by the iconic black & yellow design which would be employed until 1969.
The majority of these early copies were quickly played to death on crude 1960's players and consequently very few survive in this condition. 
Both labels are 1st variant-type i.e. with 'Dick James Mus.' publishing credits for tracks; 1, 2, 6 & 7 on side 1 and 4 & 6 on side 2.
An early 'ZMT' purchase tax code is visible in the centre of the side 1 label.
Matrix numbers: XEX 421-1N & XEX 422-1N
Housed in a correct/earliest-type 'Ernest J Day' printed mono cover with the 'Angus McBean' credit in the extreme lower right corner beginning beneath the final 's' of the word 'Songs'.
The disc itself is contained within its original, correct type poly-lined inner-sleeve.


Labels: NR MINT
All of the delicate gold print on both labels is bright & totally unworn, with minor spindle marks or wear present around either centre hole.
Immaculate deep-gloss playing surfaces which are 'as new' in strong daylight. There is no clouding, groove whitening or hazing, let alone any scuffs or scratches on either side. Even directly beneath strong halogen light only a couple of faint wispy marks from the one or twice this disc has been removed from its inner-sleeve are visible together with a sparkling rainbow shine. Both sides of this outstanding disc lie 100% flat on the turntable when playing and would not require upgrading.

Sound Quality: MINT
There is certainly no visual evidence that this copy has ever been played and our single careful play-check at volume confirms the sound quality to be flawless and wonderful throughout. Every track plays with a power and presence missing from any other pressing of this album. The grooves are clean & totally unworn producing no trace of any groove/playwear distortion - even on the easily worn innermost tracks on each side. There are certainly no clicks pops, jumps, repeats or any other audible distractions. In fact, aside from a touch of low-level vinyl background on the run-ins there is nothing to distract from this heavenly listening experience.

Very few of these early covers survive in anything approaching this condition. Carefully & correctly stored these past 53 years in a clean, non-smoking environment, it is a worthy companion to the pristine disc inside. The front panel retains all of its factory high-gloss shine with a remarkable unscratched, unworn laminate free from any 'thumbnail' wrinkles or even a single spine bend. There are minor wrinkles on the top and lower flipbacks, but other than that it really is faultless. Both front & rear opening edges are super clean and unworn with no tears or feathering either side. The spine is in perfect condition with fully lamination and wording. All seams are intact and unsplit.

Inner-sleeve: EXCELLENT +
Clean & unyellowed with some gentle storage wrinkles but no clouding to the central window or any writing, tears or seams splits. 

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