Blue Note 1524 Kenny Dorham - Cafe Bohemia - Lex - mono First pressing mono LP

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13 Mar 2016
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Montreal, Quebec

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This is part of a collection of very rare and valuable jazz records that I will be putting up for auction over the next months.  About me:  I am not a regular ebay seller (or buyer really), which I know raises red-flags for some.  I am a collector of jazz and experimental music, and am an academic/scholar in this area.  Do message me with any questions at all, I will respond.  You deserve communication before purchasing records like this!  I have listened to every record I am listing here, and supply in the listing audio notes.  Ask if you want any additional photos, or whatever!  Every record is an original first pressing, by any and every standard I am aware of.  If you have reason to think otherwise, please let me know, but I am quite certain about this!  I will ship and insure all purchases per your request, or otherwise in as safe and secure fashion as is possible.  Note, no original inner sleeves are supplied (all records in new inner sleeves). 
Blue Note 1524 Kenny Dorham - Cafe Bohemia - Lex - mono
First pressing mono LP Kenny Dorham - Round about midnight at the Cafe Bohemia - Lexington - mono
 - Lexington Ave. - address, No INC
- Deep groove and flat edge
- ear and RVG etched
side one: BN-LP-1524-A
side two: BN-LP-1524-B
Sleeve with - Lexington - address No INC.
Blank spine
No original inner sleeve, supplied with high quality diskeeper sleeve
 Sleave: VG++  disc VG++/E-, both sides   Please see photos
Under assorted light there are no discernable marks or scratches on this record.  I am not calling it M, since it is obviously a used record, and was played.  I have cleaned it once on an automatic VPI machine.  I suspect a more extensive cleaning will lower the noise floor even further. 
All records played on audiophile system SOTA Star Sapphire turntable, Zeta Arm, assorted high end cartridges.
Playing description:
Side one:  very low background hiss/crackle, way below signal.   Loudest first 30 seconds (this is common, more fingers went here!)  Then fades to barely discernable.   Silent background track three, Fantastic signal presence, good bass extension, horn in front.