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11 Mar 2016
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Scottsville, New York

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 VERSION 1 (MONO) "COLUMN BACK" known also as "TITLES ON  BACK" issued by Vee Jay Records on 1-10-64; 1st PRESSING with # VJLP 1062 on the label, LP 1062 on the outer jacket. RARE!
 VERSION 1 OUTER JACKET... (THE FINEST WE HAVE SEEN IN YEARS)   Knowledgeable collectors understand, that although any VERSION 1 record is very valuable   on its own, the  COVER is hardest to find in such FABULOUS condition as this one is. It shows   very little wear (SEE PHOTOS).  There is only a very small bend in the lower right corner that   keeps this from being listed as NM. "SPINE" and edges are in tact, also NO TEARS, LITTLE WEAR   & NO WRITING. Overall it's the finest example of a VERSION 1 cover we've seen in many years.   Very CLEAN on both front and back. Normally these have excessive wear especially on the   FRONT and the EDGES, but not this one. These LPs are getting harder to find - IN ANY CONDITION!   One must always keep in mind, that this cover (mainly the STEREO version) is the most FAKED   LP cover of all time, but this one PASSES ALL THE AUTHENTICITY TESTS including the "HONEY" TEST   which is 100% CONCLUSIVE and which NO FAKE HAS EVER PASSED. There are NO OTHER TESTS THAT   CARRY AS MUCH WEIGHT OR IS AS CONCLUSIVE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU'VE  READ OR HEARD. NOTHING   ELSE MATTERS! And in all FAKES, it's the information on the back cover that will tell  you all you   need to know as far as it's authenticity. In all FAKES it is important to note that the back panel   of the outer cover features BLACK print on FLAT WHITE stock with NO SHEEN at all. BUT ALTHOUGH   THIS ONE PASSES ALL THE TESTS, IT'S STILL THE "HONEY" TEST THAT SUPERSEDES ALL ELSE. THAT ALONE   MAKES IT 100% AUTHENTIC. 
  ALSO OF NOTE: Some confused collectors have written in asking if this cover has the phrase   "PRINTED IN USA" on the lower left side. NO IT DOES NOT. This phrase is on all the "AD BACKS" &   only some "BLANK BACKS". There's never been any evidence suggesting that this phrase EVER   appeared on any "VERSION 1 COLUMN BACKS" since Vee Jay was forced to switch printers in 1963   from COBURN to IVY HILL, who never included this phrase. (SEE NEWLY ADDED PHOTO).
 ORIGINAL VERSION 1 VINYL PRESSING:   The VINYL has light surface scratches on both sides and typical paper slides. If NM this RARE LP /   COVER combo would fetch between $2,500.00 & $3,500.00. The "OVAL" label lists all song titles in a   CENTER JUSTIFIED POSITION with #"VJLP 1062" at 9:00 and the words "LONG PLAYING" & "MICROGROOVE"   DO appear on the label. The label's color band is very clean & clearly defined featuring the all   important presence of the required color "GREEN" and featuring an UPPER CASE type style. The   words "THE  BEATLES"  do appear above the spindle hole which to all BEATLE collectors familiar   with this record, is a characteristic of authenticity. All authentic trail off markings are present   as well. One of the nicest vinyls we've seen in a while since most are found in today's market   to be quite hammered by the teens of the 1960s.
   (Songs on this LP were originally recorded in 1963 for the LP "PLEASE, PLEASE ME" on the EMI     PARLOPHONE LABEL in ENGLAND. However this album was not actually released by Vee Jay    Records until JANUARY 10, 1964).
  This item also comes with the original WHITE Vee Jay INNER SLEEVE (See Photos).
 There is some real crap out there! It is not often that you would  see a VERSION 1 in such   great condition. Most covers were notoriously subject to wear due to how they were made  and the material used. In each & every case, you'll always see wear on the front and seams,   so when you find one that has remained in this wonderful condition after over 50 years, you   have a real gem on your hands, better than any others on ebay! This is the one you need   for your collection!
 WE NEVER SELL FAKES, so BUY WITH CONFIDENCE !!!! So if you are looking  for AUTHENTIC versions of this record, or a source for any other BEATLES  Vinyl Records or CDs, shop with us here at VINYL WORLD RECORDS PLUS.
 It's hard to believe how many FAKES of this album still appear on ebay! Buying any BOOTLEG  record is a  complete waste of anyone's hard earned money. This is incredibly frustrating  to any buyer searching for  authentic variations of this great album. Sellers who sell only  AUTHENTIC items, are extremely frustrated  and annoyed that we are continually forced to  compete in this market. This problem is now finally being  addressed by ebay! 
 TO THE UNSUSPECTING BUYER ....  BEWARE of FAKES!  Before you buy any variation of this  great  album, make certain that you understand all of the differences between FAKES and  REAL  ones. The average buyer is often & easily fooled. BUY ONLY FROM EXPERTS! If you ever have  any question about how to identify "FAKES", please contact us anytime. We're your source  for any AUTHENTIC "BEATLES" Collectible Vinyl  Records especially any Vee Jay recordings.
 You won't find another like this anywhere on ebay! Gorgeous VERSION 1 MONO RECORD/COVER  combo, completely AUTHENTIC & RARE, especially in this beautiful condition (VINYLS were usually abused. OUTER JACKETS had excessive wear), however NOT THIS ONE! BEAUTIFUL!
  REASONABLE OFFERS will always be considered. THANKS FOR WATCHING. ONLY  SERIOUS BUYERS PLEASE! Please read this entire auction for complete information!
  Experts have stated, AUTHENTIC versions of this album should be priced according to it's   RARITY. So here it is! Make an offer! You never know! We might accept it!
  REASONABLE OFFERS will always be considered from SERIOUS KNOWLEDGEABLE BUYERS! Sorry, NO RETURNS   or REFUNDS due to the fact that previously any allowance of returns on hi-end items had been grossly abused   all too often. Our feeling is that if a buyer can not tell what they are buying from existing descriptions or photos   posted or additionally requested, then we would recommend that they should pass on any such purchase. (The  comments here refer mainly to questions pertaining to whether an item is authentic, and not condition).
  NOTE:  For over 50 YEARS our reputation worldwide regarding the authentication of records by THE BEATLES has never been   questioned. Our descriptions are detailed. Our photos clearly illustrate the item's characteristics! If there are any doubts, feel free   to ask as many questions as necessary or request additional photos. Any so-called "EXPERT" worth their salt, would certainly be   able to identify an authentic item from a FAKE from any detailed photo. 
 Once again we point out that this COVER PASSES ALL KNOWN TESTS for  authenticity, including the following:        1.)  The 100% CONCLUSIVE "HONEY" TEST (WHICH NO FAKE HAS EVER PASSED)     2.)  The "MISERY INK BUMP" TEST (a feature on ALL FAKES)    3.)  The "B in BEATLES" TEST (a feature on ALL FAKES)    4.)  The "FLAP" TEST (exceptions noted in POINT #14 below)    5.)  The "GEORGE HARRISON SHADOW" TEST (noted below in POINT #8; TEST #1)    6.)  The "GLOSS" TEST (noted in POINT #8; TEST #10)
     ... and much more. And let's not forget about the RECORD. It too passes all the tests that define it's authenticity.     (Read Sections 1 thru 14 listed below).
  If you're not familiar with these tests, please read the sections listed below as ... "SOME INTERESTING & IMPORTANT FACTS". (SEE ALL PHOTOS POSTED). 
  WE ALSO WELCOME ALL SKEPTICS, SINCE WE ARE CERTAIN THAT THERE ARE MANY AND FOR GOOD REASON.   For any reason at all, if you feel that what you'reviewing here is NOT an AUTHENTIC copy, we'd like to hear from you. Any comments    along with SPECIFIC REASONS why anyone may feel that this is not the REAL THING are immensely important to us and always greatly   appreciated! We feel that the description and historical information presented herein is not only accurate, but is also based upon   known documentation and also 1st hand knowledge. All the photos we've posted are true representations of all the details of this   VINYL RECORD, COVER and INNER SLEEVE. We would've provided more images, but according to ebay rules, we posted a maximum   of 12. More photos are available upon request. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WATCHING! PLEASE LET US HEAR FROM YOU!
  The average fan was never made aware of the fact that there were 2 VERSIONS of this LP and how rare the first ones were. In fact,   Vee Jay  was quite secretive during transition from VERSION 1 to VERSION 2. When they were forced to cease the distribution   of all BEATLES material as of JANUARY 16, 1964, specifically referring to VERSION 1s, they had an idea on how to get around   this. So when they resumed production in early FEBRUARY 1964 and came out with VERSION 2, replacing the 2 songs "LOVE   ME DO" and "P.S. I LOVE YOU" with "PLEASE PLEASE ME" and "ASK ME WHY" (the 2 songs they knew they'd be allowed to   use), this was their opportunity to create a new cover since the original ones were considered to be dull and very boring, especially   lacking any liner notes. But they were not about to attract any more attention than necessary, so the new covers were identical to the  design of the originals with the only exception being the changes in 2 song titles listed. Another reason to keep the cover design the   same was that in the midst of their legal entanglements, this enabled them to slip originally made VERSION 1 LPs into the overall   unsuspecting marketplace along with the new VERSION 2 LPs without attracting any unwanted attention. Financially it turned out   to be a wise move that had to happen, since they were quite strapped for cash plus it solved the problem of what to do with the last   of the remaining VERSION 1s.
  Less VERSION 1s were ever made than VERSION 2s. During the 1st quarter of 1964, VERSION 2s were pressed in much greater   numbers in both 
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