ORIGINAL 1ST PRESS! Mystic Siva~VO Detroit label~LP~19713~holy grail~funk pysche

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29 Jun 2016
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You are bidding on pictured record.  The real deal! 100% legit. The real bidders on this, already know what this is, how awesome it is and how RARE it is. PLEASE, shop around and research. When these do come up, 2K or 3K is realistic.
FYI, I actually found this at a yard sale in Roseville, MI (The same town that the record was produced in).  I paid 50 cents for it, 2 weeks ago! The luck on me! About this record. I have made no attempt to clean or improve this record. I listened to it twice. Once, to check the condition and quality. A second time, because I loved it! Vinyl is VG.  Cover is low-grade. Lots of pics. Call it what you like. The jacket took on some moisture at some point. You can call it fair, poor or good. Not great is my point. I am a experienced record dealer with years of experience (mostly in person, not on-line).  I know how to grade vinyl. This record is VG. Visually it is VG with handful of mild scratches or scuffs. It sounds a lot better than VG.  No skips. Very little static. Sounds great! (and I listen to records everyday).
Bid with confidence.  I standby my products and reputation. 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. But if you're serious about bidding you can ask me a question.

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