PRINCE 12" Musicology Single ACETATE master lacquer dub plate test pressing MINT

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27 Apr 2016
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Sloughhouse, California

Item Description

This is an Ultra-rare (1) 1-sided 12" PRINCE-Musicology 4:24 Masterpiece sound recorders mastering acetate (see description below on acetates). No more than a few of these discs were ever in existence, but I have never seen another, and you will likely never see, or have the opportunity to obtain another. This is a MINT condition disk with very shiny surfaces.  Refer to the attached photos where the reflection from my linear ceiling light can be seen on the surface of the disc.  This is in amazing condition.  

This has been stored with care in a protective sleeve and in a smoke-free environment since my obtaining it shortly after the cutting of the disk. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to obtain an amazing acetate.

Description excerpt below taken from the book "Rare Rock A Collectors Guide" by Tony Rees

"Acetates: Aluminum discs of various sizes (7, 10 or 12 inch) with a thin coating of shellac or vinyl.  These discs are not pressed like regular vinyl issues.  Instead, they are INDIVIDUALLY cut by the master cutter as a "pre" test pressing to give directions as to how the final cut should go.  As such, EACH acetate is unique, and acetates constitute some of the rarest items in the whole field of record collecting."
Additional information on "Acetates" obtained from a UK seller's description on their site.

"Acetate/Lacquer Is usually a reference cut that is made on ultra high-grad methyl cellulose sprayed onto thick aluminum discs. Reference acetates are primarily to make certain the record will sound somewhat like the tape. Often they are also made to allow a club or radio disc-jockey to play the music on turntables before it has been pressed as a normal record. Acetate is a misnomer (but frequently used!). It is actually a Lacquer."


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