Beatles LP "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" Real Version 1 STEREO Title Back - Vee Jay

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10 Jul 2016
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Webster, New York

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    The owner MUST SELL due to serious medical issues. So    here's your chance to own one of the RAREST pieces of     BEATLES recording history! It's highly doubtful that you    will ever see another one of these in your lifetime!
    Try finding an AUTHENTIC copy of this LP anywhere in today's      vinyl market. Good Luck in locating one! 
     Anyone familiar with this RARE LP knows the asking price here is well BELOW           MARKET VALUE, a clear sign to all that the owner is serious about selling at a      price well within anyone's financial reach. If you're a legitimate BEATLE VINYL      COLLECTOR you'll give this serious consideration!          Beatles LP: "INTRODUCING ... THE BEATLES"       VERSION 1 "STEREO"  COLUMN BACK" / "TITLES ON BACK"     by Vee Jay Records issued on January 10, 1964.  1ST Pressing;  # VJLPS 1062 on     label; # SR 1062 on outer jacket. Pressed by MONARCH Records in Los Angeles,     CA. A RARE collectible now 52+ YEARS OLD. 100% AUTHENTIC - NOT a common     FAKE! The outer jacket passes the 100% CONCLUSIVE "HONEY" Test (which NO     FAKE HAS EVER PASSED) making this LP cover & Disc unquestionably authentic.     (Check out all the photos posted).              WEST COAST OUTER JACKET:  (ACCOUNTS FOR 75% of TOTAL VALUE)      Features the 100% CONCLUSIVE "HONEY" TEST, one that  NO FAKE HAS EVER PASSED.  Collectors know that in buying       items like this,  while authentic STEREO discs must pass tests of their own, and have individual value, much of the value of the       entire piece is in this extremely RARE JACKET (SOME EDGE WEAR; SEE PHOTOS).   As for specifics,  the "SPINE" is intact,       there is a small 3/4" SPLIT at the top & bottom by the opening, but NO WRITING. Seams are intact. MILD WEAR on the lower       front is present by PAUL but this is quite typical of these jackets.  Overall it is still quite clean! Construction is consistent with the      rigid heavy material used on all known original jackets.  Knowledgeable collectors are aware that AUTHENTIC versions of this      jacket are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find in any condition! Unfortunately, there is no actual statistic that would tell us how many of       these jackets were ever constructed, but certainly far fewer than "AD BACKS" or "BLANK BACKS". On all FAKES it's the back       cover that will tell you all that you need to know with respect to authenticity as long as you know what to look for. If these jackets       weren't already considered rare enough, WEST COAST versions like this one are even rarer. The owner had obtained this album      as is from someone in the San Francisco area many years ago. (If you are looking for additional details, please feel free       to ask or request additional photos).
      What is the difference between an EAST COAST and a WEST COAST version?  (SEE SECTIONS BELOW in "SOME       INTERESTING & IMPORTANT FACTS" in SECTION 8 (Test #3) and SECTION 14).  
         ALSO OF NOTE:  Some collectors have written in asking if this cover requires the presence of the phrase "Printed in USA"          on the lower left side, however it does not. This phrase only appears on ALL "AD BACKS" and only some "BLANK BACKS".          There's never been any evidence suggesting that this phrase has EVER appeared on "VERSION 1 COLUMN BACKS"  since             Vee Jay was forced to switch printers in 1963 from COBURN to IVY HILL, who never included this phrase. (SEE  PHOTO)          SEE SECTIONS 8; TEST #3 & SECTION 14  listed below for additional information. 
    FIRST VINYL PRESSING:  (ACCOUNTS FOR 25% of TOTAL VALUE)       VINYL features light swirling surface scratches on both sides with typical paper slides and scuffs.  There's no deep scratches       or serious issues to the naked eye from what we can see.  Remember that if in NM condition, this very RARE DISC & COVER       combo would fetch between $25,000 & $35,000 (and MAYBE MORE).  OVAL label lists LEFT JUSTIFIED SONG TITLES;          # "VJLPS 1062" is at 9:00;  words "LONG PLAYING" and "MICROGROOVE" do not appear on this label version. Label's       color band is clean, defined featuring the required presence of the color "GREEN".  This DISC was pressed by MONARCH       RECORDS. Label features UPPER CASE type style. "THE BEATLES"  is located above the spindle hole.  To knowledgeable       collectors this is a definitive visible feature of authenticity.  All correct trail off marks are present.  Notably the COVER bears       most of the value in this rare pairing of cover and disc. These VERSION 1 STEREO DISCS are RARE in their own right since       ONLY a TOTAL of 2,202 STEREO VERSION 1s WERE EVER PRESSED including all of those paired with either AD BACK       or BLANK BACK jackets. In an industry where typical pressings were likely to have been in the many hundreds of thousands,       2,202 is considered to be a mere sampling and no doubt a direct result of all of the legal entanglements that Vee Jay had to       endure not to mention all of their monetary problems in 1964. (If you're looking for additional details, please feel free       to ask or request additional photos)
     This item comes with original WHITE  Vee Jay INNER SLEEVE (See Photos) which       illustrates 25 other Vee Jay LPs and is the same pictorial used for all  "AD BACKS".
       SPECIAL NOTE:  As expected with any RARE "BEATLE"  collectible, there will always be those who question authenticity, since        admittedly there are so many FAKES out there. This applies to any RARE item. We welcome any comments but ask anyone who        chooses to do so, at least provide us a detailed explanation of any facts that you feel support your position. Otherwise, we ask that        you please review the photos posted and read the complete description provided.        (These comments apply to any RARE collectible).         CATEGORY:  Very RARE "Collectible" to be purchased as is and as described.
      (VERSION 1 STEREO discs were pressed for Vee Jay by only (2) companies. They were AMERICAN RECORD PRESSING        Co. (ARP) & MONARCH RECORD MFG Co. (MR). Another firm, SOUTHERN PLASTICS Inc. (SP) is rumored to also have        been used, however there is NO evidence that any STEREO pressings have EVER been discovered from them - only MONO).
       As of 3-7-16, an authentic VARIATION of this album was posted on ebay. We were excited to see this because it validated what        we've been saying all along, that the STEREO VERSION 1 "COLUMN BACK" actually does exist. But how many were actually        made? No one really knows. Based upon industry experts, existing Vee Jay stats and market estimates, indications are that no        more than 300 were ever assembled and paired with an authentic STEREO record.            It's hard to believe how many FAKES of this LP continue to appear on ebay! Buying a FAKE is a waste of anyone's time and hard        earned money. This is incredibly frustrating to buyers searching for authentic variations of this great album. Sellers who offer only        AUTHENTIC items are also very annoyed that they are continually forced to compete in a market that remains full of FAKE material.        This problem is now finally being addressed by ebay! Soon it may be impossible to even list a FAKE! 
    TO THE UNSUSPECTING BUYER:  BEWARE of FAKES!  Before you buy any version of this great LP, be sure you understand all        the differences between FAKES and REAL ones. We say this not to insult anyone but simply to state that it is a well known fact that 
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