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Jerry Garcia Band "After Midnight" Kean College, 2/28/80  + Ultra-Rare BONUS DISC "Way After Midnight" from 02/29/80 & 03/01/80  : Out of Print & Ultra-Rare Full-Set !
The "Complete" 4-CD Disc Set Brand New! offering Both the Very Rare 3-CD Set "After Midnight" PLUS the Ultra-Rare Bonus CD "Way After Midnight" !!!!!

( *** Offered with Pre/Early-Orders Only in 2004 : this Ultra-Rare "Way After Midnight" Bonus Disc CD offers 54+ additional minutes of previously-unreleased 1980 J.G.B. ! *** )

Fall in all Deadheads & especially you Jerryphiles out there!   Here it is, your chance to pick up the COMPLETE "After Midnight" Long Out of Print release (from 2004!), with the Ultra Rare "After Midnight" Bonus Disc included! Brand New!!!   Thus, making this the 'Complete' release & the serious Collector's 4-CD version!!  When I first found out about this release nearly 10 years ago, I simply could not wait for it to arrive -- and then felt like I was in Deadhead-Heaven (kinda like being at the Warfield, I suppose...) when it finally did!   I mean this Spring '80 Tour was Garcia Band at one of its 1st "Greats", and truly vital forms!   The J.G.B. unit here is stripped down to a bare-boned Quartet & really ready to Rock!  Only Jerry & John along with Ozzie Ahlers on keys & Johnny De Foncesca on the drum kit.   This unit not only mastered the essence of the Early-1980's Rock-sound, but they could really 'read' each others moves, moods & timing-signature - just like a book!  Completely ultra-tight musicianship.  And all along, this strength-in-(low)-numbers formula gave Garcia all the open room & musical space he needed to get the most exquisite tones, ampage volumes & rig-effects to match each unique song structure & solo-jamming pockets for the build-up of what became a fantastic & amazing J.G.B. song repertoire.   When I was a kid, there was a time when I would not consider going on journeys to shows, tours, or even on short road trips without the cassette tape from this fabulous show. I thought the After Midnight > Eleanor Rigby > After Midnight was one of the most brilliant, thoughtful & basically genius song segue transitions I had ever heard in my life.   Mixing J.J. Cale & The Beatles in such an incredibly stylish musical fashion!?!   I mean come on, this material is some of the best!!   In fact, when I was fortunate enough to do the very intimate & extremely-special West Coast J.J. Cale Tour back in Spring 2009 - I brought this one along, just for old-time's sake.   But really, it had never left anyways.  So here it is in digitally remastered fashion in all of its glory - as if you could even think of making this fine performance even more perfect than it already was.  Well, indeed that is just what happened.  Just an incredibly awesome release.  This is without question, one of the most smoldering-hot J.G.B. releases we have ever seen to date from that so very-very precious Jerry Garcia vault.  Enjoy!!!!

Please Note : This Extremely Rare & Complete! "Brand New" 4-CD Set contains the very rare Brand New & Factory-Sealed 3-CD European Union pressing (E.U. (LC02982) 8122-76536-2), along with the ultra rare Brand New 1-CD Bonus Disc U.S.A. pressing ((JGBWAM-01) DA53701).

Item Condition : This Out of Print & Extremely Rare "Complete" Brand New! 4-CD Disc Set includes the Very Rare 3-CD Set "After Midnight", and also includes the Ultra Rare Bonus Disc 1-CD "Way After Midnight".  The 3-CD Set is "Brand New" & Factory-Sealed, with a Liner Notes Booklet (10-Page Insert) included inside of this set.  The Bonus Disc 1-CD is also "Brand New", and this item was distributed from the factory originally (in 2004) without any factory-sealing shrink wrap on the outside (just loose/separate inside the "Single-Sleeve" CD Case included (as shown in photo)).  As a result, the Single-Sleeve shows the very-slightest of natural surface wear - barely any (see photo).  Both items have been stored very gently with extreme care in my professional CD Rack ever since purchase.  Photos included are of the actual items you will receive.

Please ask any questions before bidding & Best of Luck !!

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"After Midnight" (Kean College, Union, NJ, (2/28/80)) :

Disc 1 :
Catfish John
That's What Love Will Make You Do
Simple Twist Of Fate

Disc 2 :
How Sweet It Is
After Midnight >
Eleanor Rigby >
After Midnight (reprise)

Disc 3 :
I'll Take A Melody
Tore Up Over You
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
The Harder They Come
Tiger Rose (featuring Robert Hunter)
Promontory Rider (featuring Robert Hunter)
Mission In The Rain
Midnight Moonlight

Bonus Disc CD "Way After Midnight" (Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY (2/29/80) & Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ (3/1/80) :
Dear Prudence (2/29/80: Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY) : (10:30)
Masterpiece (2/29/80: Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY) : (11:35)
Russian Lullaby (2/29/80: Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY) : (15:36)
That's Alright Mama (3/1/80: Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ) : (7:42)
Deal (2/29/80: Calderone Theatre, Hempstead, NY) : (9:20)

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