Appalachian Angel: Her Recordings 1950-1972 New Cd

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1. Somebody's Crying
2. Johnnie's Got a Sweetheart
3. Someone Else, Not Me
4. Freight Train Blues
5. Just You & I
6. Careless Love
7. Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts (Ft Hank Snow)
8. Bluebird Island (Ft Hank Snow)
9. Right Way, Wrong Way
10. When I Lost You
11. (Go Away) I Want to Be Blue
12. I'm Crying
13. I Can't Help It (Ft Hank Williams)
14. Keep It a Secret
15. Cool, Cold Shoulder
16. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
17. Heartless Romance
18. Don Juan
19. Faithless Johnny Lee
20. Making Believe
21. I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven
22. Keep Your Promise, Willie Thomas (Ft Hank Snow)
23. It's You, Only You, That I Love (Ft Hank Snow)
24. That's What Makes the Juke Box Play
25. Here We Are Again
26. I'm Sorry If That's the Way You Feel
27. Mask on Your Heart
28. I Wore Dark Glasses (At Your Wedding)
29. False Hearted
30. Tear Fell
31. One Heartache at a Time
32. He's a Real Gone Guy
33. Believe It or Not
34. Maybe
35. Do You Remember
36. If I Had a Needle & Thread
37. Blue Doll - Go Away, Johnnie
38. Mama Don't Cry at My Wedding
39. Tryin' to Forget About You
40. That's All I Want From You
41. Moon Girl
42. If Today Were Yesterday (Ft Hank Snow)
43. For Sale (Ft Hank Snow)
44. Rose of Old Monterey (Ft Hank Snow)
45. My Adobe Hacienda (Ft Hank Snow)
46. I Never Will Marry (Ft Hank Snow)
47. Mockin' Bird Hill (Ft Hank Snow)
48. No Letter Today (Ft Hank Snow)
49. I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair (Ft Hank Snow)
50. If It's Wrong to Love You (Ft Hank Snow)
51. When My Blue Moon Turn to Gold Again (Ft Hank Snow)
52. Promised to John (Ft Hank Snow)
53. Let's Pretend (Ft Hank Snow)
54. Pair of Broken Hearts (Ft Hank Snow)
55. Another Man Done Gone (Ft Johnny Cash)
56. All My Trials
57. Voice of the Bayou
58. Sour Grapes
59. Johnny, I Hardly Knew You
60. My Love
61. (Love's) Ring of Fire
62. Fair & Tender Ladies
63. Satan's Child
64. Fly Pretty Swallow
65. At the Sparrow Goes
66. Running Back
67. Kentucky Song
68. Brian
69. Few Short Years Ago
70. Take Me Home
71. Farewell
72. I Never Will Marry
73. No, My Love, No
74. Wildwood Flower
75. This Life I'm Living
76. John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man
77. My Love Loves Me
78. Bury Me Beneath the Willow
79. Beautiful Isle O'er the Sea
80. John, John, John
81. In the Highways (I'll Be Somewhere Working For My Lord)
82. Little Things Mean-Code: A Lot
83. Stop Being Mean-Code: To Your Baby
84. You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me
85. That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome
86. Twelve O'Clock High
87. Carmel by the Sea
88. Is It For Me
89. I'm Counting on You
90. I've Heard the Wind Blow Before
91. I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
92. Hang a Little Sign
93. You Couldn't Get My Love Back (If You Tried)
94. I'm Gonna Leave You
95. I Won't Change For You
96. Trains Don't Go There Anymore
97. Love Me Now (While I Am Living)
98. I Don't Need You Anymore
99. You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me (Last Night)
100. It's My Life (And I'll Live It)
101. All of Me Belongs to You (Ft Waylon Jennings)
102. No One's Gonna Miss Me (Ft Waylon Jennings)
103. Rings of Gold (Ft Waylon Jennings)
104. I Got You (Ft Waylon Jennings)
105. Twelve O'Clock High (Original)
106. Twelve O'Clock High (1st Overdub)
107. Love Me Now (While I Am Living) (Without Trumpets)
108. You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me (Last Night) (Take 7)
109. So Afraid
110. To Be a Child Again
111. Too Many Rivers
112. Baby For You
113. Other Side of the Coin
114. Couple Like Us
115. Coming Off the Roads
116. Morning Sun
117. Sound of Different Drums
118. Cry Softly
119. Us
120. Where Is the Start of Lonely
121. Tulsa Country
122. Angel's Heaven
123. Loving Him Was Easier
124. I'd Rather Be Sorry
125. Until It's Time For You to Go
126. Loving Him Was Easier
127. Summer Sand
128. Whole Lotta Lovin'
129. Make up the Difference
130. Angel's Heaven
131. When Love Dies
132. He Taught Me All the Right Ways
133. Once Around the Briar Patch
134. How to Be a Woman
135. Too Much of a Man (To Be Tied Down)
136. Walk on Out of My Mind
137. Love Is on the Way
138. There's So Much Love Left Over
139. Where Is the Start of Lonely
140. Tulsa Country
141. Angel's Heaven
142. Loving Him Was Easier
143. I'd Rather Be Sorry
144. Until It's Time For You to Go
145. Loving Him Was Easier
146. Summer Sand
147. Whole Lotta Lovin'
148. I Ain't Goin' to Work Tomorrow (Ft Helen Carter)
149. I Never Will Marry (Ft Helen Carter)
150. Once Around the Briar Patch (Ft Helen Carter)
151. Gold Watch and Chain (Ft Jerry Hensley)
152. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Ft Jerry Hensley)
153. God Is
154. Rock Love
155. Pledging My Love
156. But I Love You Just the Same
157. Lovey Lips
158. Give Me Love
159. Whose Baby Are You?
160. Borrowed Diamonds
161. Hi de Ank Tum
162. At the Old Town Hall
163. Jimmy Unknown
164. Last Night in My Dreams
165. Leroy
166. Not Any More
167. Losin' My Baby Again
168. My Man True to Me
169. I Just Won't Care Anymore
170. (He Said Yeah) Baby You're the One
171. My Sweet Love Ain't Around
172. You Came to the Prom Alone
173. My Sweet Love Ain't Around
174. You Came to the Prom Alone
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