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29 Jan 2017
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Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

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            '70s VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE
                      STILL FACTORY SEALED 
                                                                                   PINK FLOYD  
                       DARK SIDE OF THE MOON    
                                     USA - CAPITOL RECORDS - SMAS 11163
= RARE ... PERFECT ... FACTORY SEALED .... and it's LOADED :::
We estimate this copy to be from the mid '70s or at least some 40 years ago issue...been left untouched after all these years remaining an incredible collectible/investment item
Not getting any easier to find ... highly in demand with collectors from around the globe
....Heartbeats, laughs, machines and screams. Such are the opening moments of "The Dark Side of the Moon", ushering in a unique musical world where strange sounds, mellow music, bits of biting guitar and ROGER WATERS' cynical observations coexist in a disturbingly natural setting.
"Speak to Me" is an introduction to the album that is an allusion to the rest of the album by combining snippets from each track (The heartbeat from eclipse, the clocks from time, the laugh from brain damage, the mad man from on the run, clare torry's voice from great gig in the sky and the cash register from money). If you loop the album over the heartbeat carries on perfectly in time. This explodes beautifully into some of Gilmours best guitar work which feels like heaven as the short but sweet "Breathe" comes into play (some versions have Speak To Me and Breathe as one track whilst others have them separate). Breathe is similar to Time but good enough not to be too alike to it.
The next track, "On the Run" is very trippy and appropriately titled as the rushing sped up sounds and explosions feel as if you are travelling at high speed and can be a challenging rush for your mind to take in, and great for the stoners. This is very futuristic and some could say it paved the way for techno a decade or two later. Never mind, it's still great stuff. "Time" is the first progressive piece here (although it is technically just a progression from the previous tracks). The classic introduction can confuse and destroy your mind as the rush of "On the Run" leads into an explosion and an alarming array of chiming clocks. This is brilliant stuff. The "Breathe (Reprise) manages to blag on at the end of time and is pretty sweet to see the third verse of the song.
The end of side one see's one of the most powerful and moving instrumentals of the bands career, "The Great Gig in the Sky". Here Clare Torry's improvisated overblown vocals weave in an out of a stunning piano piece by Richard Wright. Pink Floyd have once again shown the best in experimental and emotional music.
Side two kicks off with the most famous floyd song (or is it another brick in the wall?) "Money", which has the classic bassline and the lyrics are a real treat from Roger. He did very well here. Dick Parry's wind solo is the real wonder here as it bridges between the brilliant basslines and Gilmour's guitar solo.
"Us and Them" delivers beautiful piano pieces and gilmours best vocals since Breathe earlier on. This is an epic on the album and another masterpiece that flows gently and progressess superbly. "Any Colour You Like" is just a filler guitar solo and perhaps the worst song on the album but then its not expected to be a masterpiece and it is a rather good (and colourful) guitar solo. "Brain Damage" uses acoustic guitars and refers to "loonies" which is always good to hear. This is a brilliant piece which leads into one of the best outros on any album ever made "Eclipse" which sums up the whole album and shows power in music, words and vocals. An outstanding album that needs no recommendation at all since it entirely speaks for itself.
Speak To Me (1:16)
Breathe (2:44) 
On The Run (3:32) 
Time / Breathe (reprise) (7:06) 
The Great Gig In The Sky (4:44)
. Money (6:32) 
Us And Them (7:40) 
Any Colour You Like (3:25) 
Brain Damage (3:50) 
Eclipse (2:04)
CONDITION: Rated: FACTORY SEALED .. a perfect, flat & square copy with 4 sharp corners ....NEVER OPENED - NEVER PLAYED ... loaded with two posters & stickers ...  no shelf wear ... IN other words, the black cover is almost always found with wear ... this copy has no seam splits, bar code, no bends, no writing anywhere and collection worthy as an artifact upgrade ... remaining an incredible investment item... FACTORY SEALED
SEE: SELLERS OTher items for more & more of similar cool sounds for "head" people...





SEE: SELLERS OTher items for more & more of similar cool sounds for "head" people...



All imperfections are noted both cover & record
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