rare rural prog lp - T.S. TRUCK - SAME - S/T -1973 - SMOKEY SOUL - TS - NM disc!

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05 Mar 2017
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Kemp, Texas

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Hi, I am Zac Groom with ZG Records. I have been selling rare 60s and 70s psych rock lp’s for 10 years on discogs and musicstack as well as setting up the Austin Record Convention. I’ve sold thousands of rare lp’s and have always maintained 100% positive feedback. It’s been a fun journey finding cool, obscure, mind-blowing music but now I am turning my interest toward collecting and selling vintage guitars via my shop (ZG’s Vintage Guitars) on Reverb! Over the next couple of months I will be auctioning off my entire inventory alphabetically and this week it is the T-W artists. This batch is a very eclectic one with a lot of NM discs and a fair amount that have rare original inserts!  The grading is conservative and I guarantee satisfaction and always have. All of what I am selling are the original US or Canadian pressings and most of what I am selling have reviews in the Acid Archives books, mainly positive ones as that is all I really concentrated on. Some are rare and some extremely rare! These records will be shipped in a static free poly lined inner sleeve kept outside the record jacket to avoid splitting, housed in a 2 mil plastic outer sleeve and packed in a rugged cardboard box with stiffeners. Bid with confidence - Good luck and happy bidding! ----------PLEASE NOTE - I AM HAPPY TO COMBINE SHIPPING - IN FACT, FOR MOST WINNERS IT WILL BE NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR EACH RECORD. ALSO I CAN HOLD THE RECORDS UNTIL THE NEXT AUCTION ENDS BUT PLEASE PAY FOR THE ONES YOU WIN FIRST. I WILL ZERO OUT THE SHIPPING CHARGE ON YOUR SUBSEQUENT WINS FOR THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY WHEN I SEND THE INVOICE. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU INTEND TO DO THAT SO I CAN MAKE NOTE. OR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER THEM. ------I APPRECIATE IT! ----------------
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