Lucio Battisti - Rarest Only Georgian 7" Blue Flexi

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18 Oct 2008
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쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 WORLD RARITY!!! LUCIO BATTISTI - FAMOUS ITALIAN ARTIST.쎂슠 GEORGIAN (TBILISI RECORD PLANT) PRESSING 7" BLUE FLEXIBLE EP. FLEXI IS VISUALLY PERFECT, BUT IT HAS A LITTLE NOISE (SLIGHT KNOCKS FROM THE FACTORY, WHICH IS TYPICAL FOR THE MOST OF THE GEORGIAN FLEXIBLE RECORDS). 3쎂슠tracks: 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠1. TEN GIRLS 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠2. WATER IS BLUE 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 3. EMOTIONS Condition:쎂슠쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠 cover:쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 VG+ 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠 record:쎂슠쎂슠 VG+ 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND AND VERY COLLECTABLE! 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 Please, read everything before bidding!쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠 If you buy three items, you will receive a gift - one bonus flexible record쎂슠from our personal collection!!!쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 WE SHIP WORLDWIDE EXCEPT RUSSIA!!! All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment. 쎂슠We will send you a total price notification when the auction ends. If you have questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us! 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠If the payment will not be received during 7 days after the auction ends, we will re-list the item or do a "second chance offer"! 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠쎂슠 쎂슠쎂슠 HAPPY BIDDING AND GOOD LUCK!!! 쎂슠
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