LP l MFSL 1-017 l Pink Floyd l Dark Side of the Moon l Original First Pressing

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11 Aug 2017
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Des Plaines, Illinois

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MFSL  ∙  Pink Floyd  ∙  The Dark Side of the Moon  ∙  Open Copy - Played Copy  ∙  MFSL 1-017

The Dark Side of the Moon

This is my personal copy; played about 8x. The disc itself is pristine sound quality without any surface noise or other issues. It was played a few times when I acquired it. Since then, it has been in my possession and carefully taken care of these past thirty years. Regretfully, the cover is not as I would like. MFSL apparently did not do the best quality of black on the cover, so it has white speckles throughout the cover.which appear as wear. As I have only removed it a few times to play and inspect recently for this listing from the poly bag that I used, which is not the original; the quality of the cover black ink is less than desirable as it appears as much more worn that I feel it should be considering my limited handling of the album since I acquired it. In every other regard; the album is excellent; especially the disc itself, which is CD Quality Quiet. Further thoughts regarding the cover: while I have been extremely descriptive of condition, the cover should not dissuade but the perfectionist.

•    MFSL Open Copy - Played Copy

•    Player’s Quality l This is not collector's quality; please consider carefully. The disc is pristine, as is the album in general. The only real issue is the black cover itself.
•    Protective Wrap l I typically discarded the original wrap and used a higher quality poly bag that I chose to use on all of my albums. This poly bag is foggy, but excellent with regards to album protection. As this album is thicker than usual; the poly bag is a tight fit, so you may want to consider replacement with a newer bag of your choice.
•    Album Cover l While the cover generally is in fine condition; the white base color under the black ink is showing through throughout the black areas of the cover. This is not extremely bad or otherwise offensive, simply not perfect. As it was hardly handled throughout the years, there are no other issues but the quality of the original black.
•    Printing on the Edge l Excellent readability in storage. It is both well centered and slightly mis aligned towards the rear cover at the top. I doubt anyone would have an issue with this alignment.
•    Original Owner l Yes; over thirty years now.
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