George Harrison 3LP "ALL THINGS MUST PASS" 1970 Original - NM

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26 Aug 2017
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Webster, New York

Item Description

George Harrison 3LP
Issued by Apple Records on NOVEMBER 27, 1970

Triple Vinyl - All appear to be UNPLAYED! NM
Box/Jacket NM-! Corners perfect. Very Clean!
Apple Catalog # STCH-639 (Perfect Spine)
Original Pressing!

A GORGEOUS PIECE!  George's Signature Album! 
Very Collectible for any TRUE "GEORGE HARRISON" Fan.

Unless you found one of these SEALED, there are not many better!
Nothing is ever perfect and we will never claim that, 
but this piece is as nice as you'll ever find!

Our Catalog # ATMP-AP-70-21543

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