EX/EX !! Julian's Treatment/A Time Before This/1970 Youngblood Double LP

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EXEX  Julians TreatmentA Time Before This1970 Youngblood Double LP
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06 Dec 2017
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Milton Keynes

Item Description

Genuine Vinyl LP Album
Artist & Title :Julian's Treatment - A Time Before This
Catalogue Number : Youngblood SYB2
Overall Grade : EX/EX
Incredible example of an amazing LP.

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As you can see from our feedback, we take grading of records very seriously. Generally every buyer we have soldto has been happy with the condition of the record they bought. If we grade anything EX, then it really is immaculate. Other ebay sellers buy our records and relist them with higher grades!Our VG+ is the same as many other seller's EX+.
Our grading is a mixture of audio and visual grading, and very importantly, weguaranteeyou will behappy with our records. If you disagree with our condition, simply return for a full refund. Also check the large photos as they describe the sleeve condition better than a grade ever could.
How It Works:
Eg: EX/EX = First EX refers to the record, the second the sleeve (if picture sleeve is included). If the grading shown above shows just the first initials (eg: VG/- ) then that means the record is graded, but comes with plain or company sleeve.
MINTAs new condition, unplayed, often Sealed. We don't like using this grade on records unless we are certain they have never been played, ie, were purchased as brand new items, or the item is one of a multiple sold to us as unplayed. We never grade played records as MINT. We don't use the term EX+
EXExcellent condition, no noticeable marks and like new. Records graded as EX are immaculate, fantastic examples of the record in question. No marks, scratches, warps, damage of any kind. Often records which we grade as EX look as they have never been played - but we don't know for sure.
EX-Close to Excellent condition, usually we use EX- if there are light brush marks visible under our spotlight. All EX- records are Excellent, no scratches, warps or damage of any kind.
VG+This is a grade many buyers of perfect records avoid, but to us VG+ is the grade we give to a used but still very nice LP. This is the grade we get most correspondence from buyers about, most saying how to them this is an EX record, not VG+.There may be a very light, but more significant mark on a VG+ record (though this would normally be mentioned along with the grade), generally this is a used record in very good condition, with light brush marks.
VGVery Good condition, normal wear, maybe a few very light marks, but still plays great.Perhaps not as shiny and new looking as a VG+ record.This is our average grade.
VG-Between VG and G, these records aren't in great condition, average amount of marks, but generally still fully playable. These records will have lost their shine, perhaps dulled with age, they will have been well used.
G+Just about better than good. These records are heavily played, possibly badly marked. They are good enough to play, but you may well later want to replace with a better copy for your collection.
GThis is our bottom grade. Could haveheavy marks, be noisy toplay, perhaps a more significant scratch. Heavily used, but playable is our general description of a G record.We try not to list anything with warps, if a record has a playable warp this would be mentioned along with the grade.
FFair condition, marked and some problems. There will be more information to describe faults. We try to avoid listing F records unless particularly rare or interesting. Generally collection filler only.
EXExcellent condition, no noticable folds or creases, no sticker marks, As New. Generally you will be incredibly impressed with a sleeve we grade as EX. No laminate damage, nice spine, no writing.
EX-Close to Excellent condition, possibly a small fault like laminate lift, a word written on sleeve, slight edge fault or damage.
VG+Very good condition, this is the kind of sleeve most other sellers would grade as EX. In great shape, but light and normal wear.
VGVery good, used condition. Light and normal wear, possibly a small fault, like laminate lift, edge/spine damage, or writing.
VG-Worn sleeve, but still usable. Possible wear to edges, spine, and laminate. Possible writing on the sleeve.
G+Good condition is moving towards the more tatty end of sleeve grading. Possible laminate damage, creases, spine wear, graphiti, and edge wear.
GSomewear, possible creasing, marks, damage, frayed edges.
FIn Fair condition, possible heavy creasing, tears, damage and defacement. We try to avoid F Sleeves, so check the full sleeve description.
Aftertwenty five years of grading records either for our London shop, orour online site or ebay, you get a feeling for the grade of a record, hopefully the description above helps to describe the grade of this record, but if you have any further questions on any particular aspect of the condition of this record, we're happy to answer emailsatretrobloke@aol.com
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