RARE sealed DARIUS LP chartmaker csg 1102 orig psych monster holy grail private

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15 Nov 2018
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Damascus, Virginia

Item Description

Rare and hard-to-find Darius s/t LP. released by Chartmaker, catalog# CSG 1102.

track listing:
Side A
Shades of Blue
Mist-veiled Garden
I'm the Man
I Feel the Need to Carry On

Side B
Funky Situation
Blow My Mind
Sweet Mama
Ancient Paths
Hear What I Say

Completely sealed. shrink intact a tear in the shrink on the back lefthand corner(Shown in 6th Picture).
Front top left has small crease in the cover (shown in 2nd picture). This is a
sealed copy from a collection that was brought in from an estate. Pictures show condition sealed.


(SS) STILL SEALED / MINT (10.0 / 10.0)
Pristine, Looks as if it just came off the manufacturing line, also listed as New, Mint Sealed/Unopened

(NM) NEAR MINT (9.0-9.5 / 10.0)
Looks as if it just came from a store and was opened for the first time, maybe played a few times if ever, no evidence of play or wear whatsoever
(EX) EXCELLENT (8.0-9.0 / 10.0)
also listed as VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS (VG++), LP may have a faint surface mark or two barring it from being truly Near Mint, but sound quality will not be affected at all, cover sleeve is just short of Near Mint, often used for cover sleeves in Shrink, or with no ring wear or staining or easily visible flaws whatsoever, seams and spine fully intact
(VG+) VERY GOOD PLUS (7.0-8.0 / 10.0)
Shows slight signs of wear, light scuffs or scratches may be present but they do not affect playback other than faint surface noise heard sporadically in between tracks, or the occasional soft click from a surface mark here or there, cover sleeve is considered good yet when observed closely will show to have a flaw or small flaws, very minor ringwear if any, seams and spine intact but not pristine
(VG) VERY GOOD (5.0-6.0 / 10.0)
more obvious signs of wear and handling, LP has surface noise that is noticeable in some spots but perhaps is quiet and clean in other spots, clicks and pops will be heard, but will not significantly disrupt the music, cover sleeves have more obvious ringwear or marks/staining, seams may have cracking, minor seam splitting or some missing spine text but are still fairly well intact. Writing may be present on label.
(VG-) VERY GOOD (3.0-4.0 / 10.0)
significant and obvious wear and handling including surface noise throughout, audible scratches which cause clicks and pops and crackle but no skips or repeated grooves, cover sleeve may have significant ringwear and/or staining, seam splits may be evident, label or sleeve may have writing, names, stickers etc
(G) GOOD (2.0-3.0 / 10.0)
typically only going to be seen on a cover sleeve for a significantly rare album that is in extremely bad shape, lots of splitting etc, yet is still worth owning due to its rarity. We will likely never offer albums with a Vinyl/LP
(P) POOR (<1.0 / 10.0)