Lee McKinney & The Magnetics-I'll Keep Holding On-ORIG. Northern Soul 45-HEAR!

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07 Jul 2020
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Athens, Georgia

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Powered by eCommercePlayer.com Lee McKinney And The Magnetics -
 I'll Keep Holding On/Jackie Baby (Can You Do It) 
(Sable 104) 
Side A: TM-1933   #104
Side B: TM-1934   #103
This is a RARE ORIGINAL US Stock 45! 
Vinyl looks VG to VG- with lots of light marks.
We put it on the VPI cleaner and then gave it a spin.
It plays VERY WELL!
Noise is minimal!
It's truly a GREAT track!
HEAR the actual record above.
Because of its rarity, it will be shipped USPS Priority Mail International if purchases outside the USA.
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Near Mint (NM): Our highest grade. The item looks new/unused. With vinyl, it may have never seen a turntable. Covers are bright and crisp. NO splits or writing. Posters have NEVER been hung! 
Near Mint Minus (NM-): An item that has VERY little (if any) use. The item looks NEARLY new. Vinyl may have LIGHT paper scuffing (light surface discoloration visible under the light caused by either contact with the paper inner sleeve or sometimes a minor pressing flaw; SCUFFS DON'T AFFECT PLAY). Covers may have a minor flaw such as a small wear spot or mark, but look otherwise NM. Usually these small imperfections will not bother anyone but the most discerning collector. 
VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS (VG++): Also known as Excellent Plus Plus (EX+): An item with a more noticeable flaw, such as a scuff line on vinyl (a LIGHT surface mark that can be seen, but NEVER heard) or MINOR ring wear on the cover. Again, flaws that are minor and perfectly acceptable to most collectors. 
VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+): Also known as Excellent (EX): Items that have been played, but cared for. Vinyl may have multiple scuffs or some LIGHT scratches that cannot be felt by lightly brushing with the fingernail. Vinyl should still play fine, usually with no noise. Covers may have light ring wear or edge wear. They may have minor writing or creasing. Still, flaws should not stop the collector from enjoying the item. 
VERY GOOD (VG): Items show wear. Records may have light scratches. They should PLAY THROUGH with NO skips or repeats, but MAY have some popping, ticking or background noise. Covers may have heavy ring wear, light staining, writing,etc., but will still be intact. VG records are good filler copies for collectors to fill a gap, or good copies for the less discerning record buyers. VG records are NOT trashed COPIES! 
VERY GOOD MINUS (VG-): These items usually look rough. The only items we list in this condition are rare titles that someone may want to own, regardless of condition. 
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