SOA State of Alert - No Policy ep black vinyl Minor Threat Ramones Misfits Nofx

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13 Jul 2020
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Hi all. I'm selling my big punk vinyl records collection because I need to raise some money (home, sons and so on). I've been collecting vinyl records for years but it's now time to clean my collection up.
What I'm selling here is the hardcore record No Policy ep by State Of Alert (SOA).
Both vinyl record and sleeve are in MINT- condition, if you really want me to be strict.
Despite mint- condition, there's a problem I realized just some time ago even if I bought this record over 10 years ago. Problem is: vinyl record is from the second press, since it's on black and it has no band name on the label; the outer sleeve is from the third pressing, since Henry Rollins has Black Flag bar on his arm.
I bought this record this way over a decade ago but I realized all this just a few months ago. Besides that, this is a great and old HC record in mint- condition.
If you're here, you know what you're bidding on.
This records is located in Mantova, Italy. I can ship internationally. I usually ship thru registered or insured mail, but it will cost a little bit (please don't consider the prices list here below since they may vary on both destination and shipping method). No returns accepted. For any info, or info about shipping or other pictures, just contact my thru the ebay form. Thanks for bidding and thanks for your attention.
N.B.: Ebay recently introduced some sale taxes. Since some buyers told me I "accidentally added taxes" (Ebay adds them automatically instead) and I'd like my auctions to go smoothly, I suggest anyone bidding here to take a look at this theme. You should please just look on Google looking for "ebay sales tax" and you'll see what I'm talking about and how many taxes you will have to pay for, depending on the US State you live in. Thanks a lot.
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