The MONKEES Rare Numbered 3 Cd set HEADQUARTERS Sessions Mint Rhino Handmade

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This Rhino Handmade edition of Headquarters was issued in 2000, and limited to 4,500 copies. This is number 4389, or 111 from the end of the run. The only way to find a better condition copy is to buy a sealed copy. EBay has other copies available for $500, $350, or even minimum bid $200. This beautiful item starts at 49.99 minimum bid.
AllMusic Review by Al Campbell
    Like many Rhino Handmade releases (available only via Internet), the Monkees' Headquarters Sessions is marketed for fanatics. Indeed, this set - which contains over three discs filled with all the outtakes and studio chatter you could ever hope for or need -- is essentially the Holy Grail of Monkees material. Informal versions of "Cripple Creek," "Don't Be Cruel," "Nine Times Blue," "The Story of Rock and Roll" (made into a modest hit by the Turtles), and "She's So Far Out, She's In" are only a handful of the set's rarites. On the tracks that would become the Headquarters album, it becomes obvious this was an amateur band struggling to get through a simple take. However, you can feel the camaraderie (even though Davy Jones is absent from most of this) between musicians Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork, while actor Mickey Dolenz is heard numerous times throughout apologizing for yet another drum flub. In this potentially volatile scenario, there is a sense of friendship and lack of studio ego, which is exactly why this package is so charming. These are mainly actors, struggling to prove their musicianship, maintaining their cool while finding out the hard way how difficult the recording process actually is (and how good Don Kirshner's studio musicians were). After Headquarters, the Monkees would never attempt to go into the studio again depending wholly on themselves. Their individual musical direction, especially in Nesmith's case, would be required from then on, with the final results being mixed at best. Along with the mainly unreleased instrumental versions of these tracks, studio flubs and conversations is the scrapped mono version of Headquarters with a completely different song sequence that included Nesmith's "The Girl I Knew Somewhere."
Tracklist 1-01She's So Far Out, She's In (Tracking Session Takes 1 & 2)1-02The Girl I Knew Somewhere (First Version - Tracking Session Composite Takes 1 To 16)1-03The Girl I Knew Somewhere (First Version - Master Backing Track Take 22)1-04All Of Your Toys (Rehearsal)1-05All Of Your Toys (Tracking Session Composite Takes 1 To 10)1-06All Of Your Toys (Master Backing Track Take 20)1-07The Girl I Knew Somewhere (Second Version - Tracking Session Composite Featuring Take 15)1-08The Girl I Knew Somewhere (Second Version - Tracking Overdub Session Takes 1 & 2)1-09The Girl I Knew Somewhere (Second Version - Master Backing Track Take 13A)1-10Seeger's Theme (Demo)1-11Can You Dig It (Demo)1-12Nine Times Blue (Demo)1-13Until It's Time For You To Go (Demo Vocal)1-14She'll Be There (Demo Vocal)1-15Midnight Train (Demo Vocal)1-16Sunny Girlfriend (Acoustic Remix Of Master Vocal)1-17Sunny Girlfriend (Tracking Session Take 7 With Scratch Vocal)1-18Mr. Webster (Tracking Session Take 28)1-19Band 6 (Stereo Master)1-20Setting Up The Studio For Randy Scouse Git (Studio Dialogue)1-21Randy Scouse Git (Tracking Session Composite)1-22Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Version Take 18 Vocal)1-23You Told Me (Master Backing Track)1-24Monkee Chat (Studio Dialogue)2-01You Told Me (Take 15 With Rough Lead Vocal)2-02Zilch (Peter Tork Vocal Track)2-03Zilch (Davy Jones Vocal Track)2-04Zilch (Micky Dolenz Vocal Track)2-05Zilch (Michael Nesmith Vocal Track)2-06I'll Spend My Life With You (Master Backing Track Take 9)2-07Randy Scouse Git (Master Backing Track Take 23)2-08Forget That Girl (Rehearsal)2-09Forget That Girl (Master Backing Track)2-10Where Has It All Gone (First Version - Tracking Session Take 1)2-11Memphis Tennessee2-12Twelve-String Improvisation2-13Where Has It All Gone (Second Version - Master Basic Track Take 12)2-14Jericho2-15Forget That Girl (Rough Backing Vocals)2-16Peter Gunn's Gun2-17I Was Born In East Virginia (Informal Recording Vocal)2-18Forget That Girl (Rejected Overdub Session Vocal)2-19Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Mix With Unused Tag Vocal)2-20Micky In Carlsbad Cavern (Studio Dialogue)2-21Pillow Time (Take 1 Vocal)2-22Shades Of Gray (Master Backing Track Take 9B)2-23Masking Tape (Tracking Session Composite Takes 6 To 8)2-24You Just May Be The One (Tracking Session Composite)2-25You Just May Be The One (Master Backing Track)2-26No Time (First Version - Tracking Session Composite Takes 3 To 5)2-27Blues (Excerpt)3-01I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (Master Backing Track)3-02Banjo Jam (Excerpt)3-03Cripple Creek3-04Six-String Improvisation3-05The Story Of Rock And Roll (First Version - Tracking Session Take 23)3-06Early Morning Blues And Greens (Master Backing Track)3-07Two-Part Invention In F Major (Informal Recording)3-08The Story Of Rock And Roll (Second Version - Tracking Session Take 5A)3-09Don't Be Cruel3-10For Pete's Sake (Master Backing Track)3-11No Time (Second Version - Tracking Session Composite)3-12No Time (Second Version - Master Backing Track Take 7A)3-13Just A Game (Demo Takes 1 To 3)3-14Fever3-15Sunny Girlfriend (Master Backing Track)3-16No Time (Second Version - Master Take 7A With Backing Vocals)3-17All Of Your Toys (Mono Master)3-18The Girl I Knew Somewhere (First Version - Mono Master)3-19For Pete's Sake (Mono Master)3-20I'll Spend My Life With You (Mono Master)3-21Forget That Girl (Mono Master)3-22You Just May Be The One (Mono Master)3-23Shades Of Gray (Mono Master)3-24Band 6 (Mono Master)3-25Sunny Girlfriend (Mono Master)3-26Mr. Webster (Mono Master)3-27You Told Me (Mono Master)3-28The Girl I Knew Somewhere (Second Version - Mono Master)3-29Zilch (Mono Master)3-30Early Morning Blues And Greens (Mono Master)3-31Randy Scouse Git (Mono Master)3-32I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (Mono Master)3-33No Time (Mono Master)
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