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16 Aug 2020
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San Diego, California

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Record Grading Scale (VISUAL ONLY - NOT PLAY GRADED)

Mint - Virtually Brand New minus the plastic
Near Mint - As close to mint as possible without being mint (maybe a super small hairline or two)
VG++ - Very good condition that looks very clean but might have a few superficial marks
VG+ - Overall nice condition with some feel able and non feel able marks
VG - Feel able marks, superficial marks and other noted issues
Good - Playable with lots of noise, feel able marks, superficial marks
Poor - Technically playable with lots of everything, worst condition possible without being thrown out.


Record: VG++/NM- (Side 1: has some superficial marks and maybe 3-5x super small feelable marks (1/4" long and small) (they are hard to see but might make the slightest of noise since they are feelable). Overall this thing looks very very clean. I am just trying to mention any and all issues since I know serious collectors will be going after this treasured rare jazz gem! Side 2: There are 2-4x super small lightly feelable marks about 1/4" long and other superficial marks, overall this looks very very clean as well but these minor marks might cause some sound since they are feelable). This record is not mint or perfect by any means but it is a very clean copy and even with its few issues should be an amazing record to own!
Jacket: VG++/NM- (Few marks, slight ringwear, bottom seam has 2x small seam rips approx 1/4" long if that, very end of bottom seam by opening has the slightest seam rip, left seam looks very nice all the album and artist info as well as Blue Note info is legible and clear, top seam looks near perfecet except a super small 1/8" seam rip by the opening side extremely minor just feel the need to mention it since this is such a sought after and rare record, plastic shrink is still on this which means underneath is extremely clean, some minor darkening on the back side of the cover by the opening probably from fingers pulling the record in and out, nothing major beyond that (see photos)

Side 1: BN-LP-4037-A, ear, RVG
Side 2: BN-LP-4037-B, ear, RVG

NOTES: EXTREMELY RARE 1st US MONO PRESS!!!, "RVG" stamp, ear, deep groove and 47 WEST 63rd address on both sides with R in a circle below the E in NOTE

SHIPPING: I combine shipping, $4 for the 1st record and $1 for the next, then $1 for the next. I ship up to 3x total per mailer. The 4th record starts the shipping over at $4 then $1 then $1, etc....

On Aug-07-20 at 11:17:50 PDT, seller added the following information:

I wanted to revise the listing a tad after messages were sent saying that my listing contradicted itself since there were some feelable marks on the record.

I decided to listen to the record and give my notes on each track. Here is what I found, and here are my notes from listening in its entirety:

Side 1

Track 1: bg noise for intro, barely notice any noise just a tad throughout the rest of the track here and there. Minor crackles through runout.


Track 2: quiet intro with constant bg noise/crackling through soft piano, bass sounds full, highs are a tad crunchy, 2x minor pops I noticed. Bg noise becomes less noticeable throughout the track but the highs were just a tad crunchy. Minor crackles through runout.


Track 3: intro sounds nice with just a hint of crunchiness on the highs, bass is clear and full, no real bg noise, about halfway through there is a reoccurring pop that is pretty subtle but it’s there for maybe 40-50 seconds. Towards the end of the song there is a tad more crunchy highs and slight bg noise. Crackles through runout.


Track 4: bass intro has some crackles but bass sounds full and nice, bg noise subsides as track gets louder, cleanest song of this side with just the slightest of bg noise here and there but overall a very nice listen.This is the cleanest sounding song on this side.


Side 2

Track 1: some bg noise in intro, bass is full and nice, drums and piano are clear, slight bg noise in quieter parts, this song sounds closest to the 4th track of side 1 and is a nice listen as a whole. Middle of song is amazing, at the bass solo there is just the slightest of bg noise here and there, bass sounds full and lovely, after bass solo ends there are a few crackles and pops. Ending is overall clean. Very minor crackles through runout.


Track 2: intro has just the slightest of bg noise much less than side 1. Most of this song is close to perfection. I got lost in the music it sounded so good. Just the slightest of bg noise here and there with maybe a few pops. The bass solo had just the slightest bg noise at parts but overall a great solo with full sounding bass. This song is why we want to collect and listen to original mono blue note records! Best song so far as far as sound quality.


Track 3: near perfect intro, running bass is full and clear, piano sounds nice, nothing detracting from the listening experience to me. Just some minor bg noise here and there if any. Overall a great listening experience.


I already cleaned this on my VPI machine and plan to do so one more time before it ships out. It will be shipped professionally with the record outside the main sleeve in a static free inner sleeve and with cardboard on each side of the record in a brand new cardboard mailer.

The record when looked at is overall very clean looking but shows some minor superficial marks and a few feelable marks (1 of them is audible) that do not appear to affect the playing of the record but there is 1 feelable mark in the middle of song 2 on side 1 that is the only mark that is audible while listening (that I consciously noticed) and that was noted above. Side 2 was an excellent overall listen while the first 3x tracks on side 1 were not as clean sounding, as noted. I hope this helps make your decision easier on purchasing this record.

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