Upsetter - Rhythm Shower .. Rare Original LP 1973 Jamaican Pressing .. Lee Perry

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11 Oct 2020
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Bishops Stortford

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This record is the ultra rare and legendary 1973 original Jamaican pressing of the Lee "Scratch" Perry produced and directed masterpiece LP  "RHYTHM SHOWER".The track listing for this fantastic album is as follows:
Side 1
1. Tighten Up - Dellinger2. Django Shoots First - Comic3. Uucle Charley - Upsetters4. Sokup - Upsetters5. Double Power - Upsetters6. Lover Ver. - Upsetters
Side 2
1 Rumpelsteelkin - Upsetters2. Skanking - Delinger3. Kuchy Skank - Upsetters4. Connection - Delinger5 & 6 Opperation - Upsetters
Apart from being such a rarity already, you may have noticed that further to that there is also a mispressing on the Side 1 label that has Track 3 down as "Uucle Charley"instead of "Uncle Charley" as it is on the other 2 copies I have seen pictures of. Making it even more of a rarity. Possibly a "Mega Rarity" Ha!
This is a record that has obviously been played many times and it shows many signs of this.Visually it has lots of very noticeable scratches and surfaces marks, paper scuffs and knocks. If you are expecting a nice clean shiny piece of vinyl then you will be disappointed.I have uploaded many photos on this auction so you can hopefully tell the condition the disc is in.Audibly though it is quite a surprise, with the sound quality still mostly very good. The dead air between tracks has hiss going on but once the music kicks in this becomes hardly noticeable and Perry's masterful sound production comes through with much clarity.The record plays much better than it visually deserves to. If you are interested in this record just to look at then it's probably not the copy for you. If however the sound is the more important factor then this genuine rarity is a classic.The only real down side sound wise is at the end of Track 1 on Side 2 "Rumpelsteelkin" is a loudening of hiss and a couple of audible clicks. Unfortunate.I am offering you the chance to judge on the sound for yourselves and have downloaded recordings taken from this copy and they are available to listen to here:
Side 1
Side 2
This record was never issued with a picture sleeve and comes in a generic White card die-cut sleeve.I have tried to be as honest and open as I can about this record and it's condition etc. If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact me.
Apologies for the ridiculous price of shipping to those not on UK shores. I looked at a number of different couriers but all had about the same cost. Apparently it's the insurance for something this valuble that sends the price rocketing.
Peace, Love and Understanding.
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