Misfits 3 Hits From Hell SIGNED (x3) WHITE VINYL 7" EP Danzig Samhain Undead

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10 Nov 2020
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Sacramento, California

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Legit PL-1013, 1986 pressing of 500 on white vinyl. PL-1013-A MASTERDISK R-10261 & PL-1013-A MASTERDISK R-10262 etchings. Signed in red Sharpie by Doyle and Jerry Only in 1996, and Bobby Steele in 2018.
Condition is as follows:
Vinyl has light marks that do not affect play. Side A has slight noise. Side B is cleaner. All in all sounds rad. Very minute traces of black vinyl in the white vinyl. VG+
Sleeve has seen plenty of usage (see photos). Wrinkles, corner bends, beginnings of seam spitting. Somewhere between G and VG. Definitely not FAIR but definitely not EX. Please note there's some evidence of water damage most noticeable on the lower front around the title and Googy's eyes and some discoloration under the upper left Misfits text. Additionally (it took me nearly 10 years to notice), the top and bottom edges appear to have been modestly doctored with a black Sharpie. Looks fine to me but absolutely worth mentioning for an item of this caliber. Excellent "starter copy" but I'd personally give it a little more credit than that.
With mail as delayed as it's been lately, this will be shipped USPS Priority to have it into your hands as quickly as reasonably possible. Any questions, feel free to inquire! Thanx.
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