Original 1984 Now 4 CD First Release Date ALS

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25 Jul 2021
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Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 4JN

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Original 1984 Now 4 CD First Release Date ALS
Item Description/Condition:   This original 1984 release of the now 4 cd will be perfect for any music collectors collection as it captures a piece of music history when vinyl's were being phased out the cd was taking off and this being a original print of the cd making it all the more valuable as piece of music history. Both the disk and the case have been kept in good condition so as soon as you get it feel free to throw it on the cd player and jam out to to some iconic tracks like queen radio gaga, ray parker Jrs ghostbusters and Tina turners what's love got to do with it 
Artist: various 
Title: Now that's what i call music 4 
Condition of box / case: good
condition of discs: good
number of discs: 1
any discs missing: no 
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