Elvis Presley Record Lsp-1990(e) For Lp Fans Only Shrink Same Photo Both Sides

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21 Oct 2022
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Munster, Indiana

Item Description

Elvis Presley Record LSP-1990(e) For LP Fans Only SHRINK Same Photo Both Sides. Very rare cover in fantastic condition. Top left has little corner bump. Tape marks on shrink only. Just gorgeous. White top stereo record is super nice, easy 8/10, mild scratching. Perfect labels. 
I ship very safely and with great effort to prevent damage during the shipping process.I DO ship internationally, but First-Class starts around $28.00 now, which is completely insane, and varies by location, weight, size, etc.I do NOT make money on shipping; I simply pass along the s/h costs to the buyer.Please, ask questions and I will do my best to answer.I am happy to send those interested closeup pictures if the scans/photos I posted are insufficient.
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