Rare George Harrison- Flying Hour 1980 Acetate [emidisc 12”] 45 Rpm

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26 Apr 2023
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Saranac Lake, New York

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This item is a RARE, hard to find acetate of the amazing 1980s George Harrison track, Flying Hour. This song was intended to be a single on Somewhere in England in 1981, but was rejected by the Warner label teammeaning that this is one of the only legitimate cuts of the song meant for release.

An acetate is an aluminum record covered with nitrocellulose lacquer, and starts out blank. It then has a recording inscribed onto it by a record lathe, making these some of the rarest and most bespoke collectibles.

This acetate was part of a music publishers collection, and was cut around the late 1970s for Warner Brothers Records to review. This single never saw release before its post 2000s re-issue, and never made it onto the album Somewhere in England. The only versions of this song up until then are bootlegs. This was a prepared version for the record label ready to be published as a single.

This record also has only been listed once on eBay before, and I was the buyer. Ive gone through painstaking verification processes to verify the authenticity, age, condition, and contents.

The record is in fantastic condition so Ive graded it NM (near mint), although grading acetates is relatively tough. Both sides play flawlessly with no pops or skips, although it is advised to not play these too much as each play wears down the overall condition. There are very few marks on the acetate minus the non-playing/blank B side.

There is very little of the cloudy finish present thats associated with age for acetates, as well as a heavier weight/direct cut into the platter, signifying its not just another vinyl record but one made of metal. Its 12 in diameter, and plays at 45 RPM just like a normal single would.

The B side has no audible content on it and is instead just a blank canvas meant for empty space when theres only one song on an acetate single. You can tell this because theres no audio cut into it and its entirely smooth (a platter).

This is absolutely one of a kind, as acetates of any kind are hard to find and often one of a kind once cut. Theyre often used as test records to tell how the sound quality is returned by engineers and label staff. Great for anyone who collects music memorabilia but never has a chance to snag a one off item.

George Harrison acetates come up on here very scarcely and Im proud to offer the great people on here a chance to own one.

I normally dont sell my collectibles often, but my brother recently lost his home in a fire and Im trying to do my part to give back to him as much as I can. All proceeds are going to him.

I know it says USPS Media Mail, but for the winning bidder I will include USPS Priority Mail at my expense, as a courtesy to you.

Thank you for your time, patience, and contribution best of luck to everyone!!

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