Grateful Dead Dave's Picks Vol. 2 7/31/74 Hartford 3 Cds

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11 May 2023
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Millersville, Maryland

Item Description

Grateful Dead Dave's Picks vol. 2 7/31/74 Hartford 3 CDs.

CDs played clean for me and look clean.
Full disclosure:  Case has condition issues.
Spindle 1 has some cracking, all teeth and holds CD.
Spindle 2 has most damage.  Little spindle left and cracks
into flat plastic.
Spindle 3 has some cracking, still holds CD, gentle remove required.
Back of case has push bubble from spindle damage.
Top of spine has a small bend in cardboard.
See pics for details of condition issues. 
Insert clean.
A solid 1974 Wall of Sound recording.
Thanks for looking.
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