The Residents Santa Dog NM Original 2x7" TOP COPY PRIVATE PSYCH

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The Residents Santa Dog NM Original 2x7 TOP COPY PRIVATE PSYCH
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17 Mar 2014
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Chicago, Illinois

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The Residents Santa Dog NM Original 2x7" TOP COPY PRIVATE PSYCH

Fire -- (Wanda Play) Ivory & The Braineaters
* Lightning -- (M Givens) The College Walkers
* Explosion -- (Della Gnue) Delta Nudes
* Aircraft Damage -- (B Barnes, C America) Arf & Omega featuring The Singing Lawnchairs
The package was the founding release from Ralph Records and consisted of two 45s in a hand silk-screened gatefold sleeve which was printed to look like a Christmas card from an insurance company. This sleeve included '50s-ish drawings illustrating each song surrounded by text saying "Season's Greetings from Residents Uninc." and announcing the upcoming Vileness Fats project. 500 copies were pressed but only 400 were usable because of various problems. Some of the sets were shrink-wrapped before the varnish on the silk-screening was dry and the packages had to be torn apart to be opened. Of the 400 usable copies, 300 were sent out to friends, record companies, and anyone else who came to mind. Richard Nixon was sent a copy, as was Frank Zappa, whose copy was returned "No Longer At Address" and was later given away in a contest.
First official release by the legendary Residents. Quite beyond strange for the time and without comparison back in 1972. Screened gatefold cover has nice screen intact inside and out ( many were stuck together because screen had not yet dried and some became stuck to outer shrink wrap). Group had not even officially adopted the name Residents yet. A truly monumental musical artefact that beat, by many years, punk and Throbbing Gristle to the punch.
This is the last part of a very special collection, probably the most definitive in the world, that documents the cult art rock punk band The Residents. There will only be a few leftovers offered after this, so get this stuff while you can! And truth be told, I've saved the best for last… In these offerings you will find test pressings, rare 1st editions, stage props, cassette-only and cd-only releases, books, and other random stuff. It's almost all in pristine condition. If you dig this band, Ralph Records, Negativeland, Snakefinger, Yello, MX-80 Sound or other Third Wave type stuff, you will most certainly want to scour this auction. And save me as a seller, because I get tons of cool stuff!
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