Depeche Mode Strange Love EP one 2-sided 12" Acetate lacquer dub plate test

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Depeche Mode Strange Love EP one 2sided 12 Acetate lacquer dub plate test
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13 Mar 2014
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DEPECHE MODE....STRANGE LOVE EP- Strange Love 6:32 and 1:38/Strange Love 6:10 and FPMIP 5:19. BERNIE GRUNDMAN MASTERING one 2-sided 12" Acetate, Lacquer, Dub Plate in custom sleeve!!!
This isan Ultra-rare one 2-sided 12" Bernie Grundman Mastering U.S.A. acetate in custom heavy slip cover(see description below on acetates). The tracksare as follows:Side Ais "Strange Love" 6:32 and 1:38. The flip side is "Strange Love" 6:10 and FPMIP 5:19 Onlya fewof these discs were ever produced. Thisis in Near Mint condition with nice shiny surfaces (see pictures). I amVERY particular (check my feedback) and this is not like the trashed acetates you see so many of that are almost dull in finish from having been played like a record over and over. I have stored this disc out of the light in a protective sleeve and in a smoke-free environment. Each acetate is unique (see comments on acetates below).Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to obtain an amazing acetate.This is also guaranteed to be authentic and not one of the many "fakes" being produced in Texas and elswhere and sold on Ebay these days.
Description excerpt belowtaken from the book "Rare Rock A Collectors Guide" by Tony Rees
"Acetates: Aluminum discs of various sizes (7, 10 or 12 inch) with a thin coating of shellac or vinyl. These discs are not pressed like regular vinyl issues. Instead, they are INDIVIDUALLY cut by the master cutter as a "pre" test pressing to give directions as to how the final cut should go. As such, EACH acetate is unique, and acetates constitute some of the rarest items in the whole field of record collecting."
Additional information on "Acetates" obtained from a UK seller's description on their site.
"Acetate/LacquerIs usually a reference cut that is made on ultra high-grad methyl cellulose sprayed onto thick aluminum discs. Reference acetates are primarily to make certain the record will sound somewhat like the tape. Often they are also made to allow a club or radio disc-jockey to play the music on turntables before it has been pressed as a normal record. Acetate is a misnomer (but frequently used!). It is actually a Lacquer."