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Label: Apple Records
Cat. Number: SWBO-101
Release Country: US
Release Year: 1968
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Item Description

2 x Vinyl, , 1st Press, Capitol Text, Scranton Pressing
LP Album Mispress Numbered Stereo

A mispressing from the original rejected Capitol master. When mastering the White Album for the U.S., Capitol Records had applied much more dynamic limiting in the mastering process than the U.K. release. When George Harrison (who was in the U.S. at the time) heard this version, he demanded Capitol remaster the album to reflect the U.K. mastering before the album's official U.S. release. However, stampers taken from the original rejected Capitol master did make it out to the [l313252] by mistake and were used in the first batch of pressings at Scranton before being retired and replaced with George Harrison's approved U.S. master.

Full story:

First pressing has "MFD. BY CAPITOL...." in white rim text on sides 2 and 4, with various title mistakes and unique number on the front cover.

This 1st pressing has minor spelling variations on the labels: A4: "OBLADI OBLADA", A6: "BUNGALOW BILL", B7: "WHY DON'T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD" (without question mark) , D1: "REVOLUTION NO. 1", D5: "REVOLUTION NO. 9" and D6: "GOODNIGHT".
Cover has "The BEATLES" embossed, located towards the lower right corner, and sequentially numbered.

Pressed at [l313252], as identified by the "IAM" in a triangle stamp in the run-outs.

Comes with fold-out lyric poster and 4 glossy portrait photos on card stock.
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