CHICAGO - Chicago At Carnegie Hall (volumes I, Ii, Iii And Iv)

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Label: CBS
Cat. Number: C4X 30865
Release Country: Europe
Release Year: 1971
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Item Description

4 x Vinyl,
LP Album

Box: Manufactured by Columbia Records/CBS, Inc./51 W. 52 Street, New York, N.Y. / ® "Columbia" + "Walking Eye Logo" Marcas Reg. Printed in U.S.A. Gold sticker on the spine of the box: Ux4 (Price Code).
Records: Made in Holland - CBS Orange Labels
Box includes:
- 4 individual cardboard record sleeves
- Band poster
- Giant band wall poster
Recorded in New York during the week of April 5th - 10th, 1971 at Carnegie Hall.

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