TAYLOR SWIFT - Speak Now - Acknowledge The History That Has Been Recorded...

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$ 147.00 - $ 203.00
NM (Near Mint) : $132.00 - $181.00
EX (Excellent) : $101.00 - $139.00
VG (Very Good) : $70.00 - $96.00
G (Good) : $23.00 - $32.00
F (Fair) : $15.00 - $21.00
P (Poor) : $7.00 - $10.00
Label: Big Machine Records
Cat. Number: BTMSR0300A
Release Country: US
Release Year: N/A
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Item Description

Album Promo

Never made available to the general public. Only given to members of the Academy of Country Music for promotional use for the 46th Academy of Country Music Awards.

This edition differentiates from the standard Speak Now CD due to it’s costume foldout slipcase. The CD jewel case is house in this special slipcase that folds out that list the many achievements of the Speak Now album. Award nominations for the 46th ACM that Taylor Swift received are also listed (FOR YOUR ACM CONSIDERATION).

The CD jewel case is sealed and comes with a hype sticker. Has a drilled hole on the BACK TOP LEFT CORNER of the CD which indicates it’s for promotional use. Slipcase has the Big Machine Records logo on the back.
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