LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin (the Can)

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$ 835.00 - $ 1130.00

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Item Details:
Valued Price
$ 835.00 - $ 1130.00
NM (Near Mint) : $748.00 - $1012.00
EX (Excellent) : $572.00 - $774.00
VG (Very Good) : $396.00 - $535.00
G (Good) : $132.00 - $178.00
F (Fair) : $87.00 - $118.00
P (Poor) : $44.00 - $59.00
Label: UFO Records
Cat. Number: none
Release Country: US
Release Year: 1986
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Item Description

10 x Vinyl,
LP Compilation Unofficial Release

Numbered edition of 300 in a metal film can with a booklet. It is generally assumed only 200 sets were actually created.

Side A is a repressing of side A of [r8384017].
Sides B, D, and E are repressings of sides A, C, and D of [r1063838], respectively.
Side C is a repressing of side C of [r5716532].
Side F is a repressing of side B of [r7119717].
Sides G, H, and I are repressings of sides C, D, and A of [r2417739], respectively.
Side J is a repressing of side C of [r3625473].
Sides K and L are repressings of sides D and E of [r4053481], respectively.
Sides M through P were re-released as [r4831434].
Sides Q through T were re-released as [r4752710].
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