THE BEATLES - Magical Mystery Tour And Other Splendid Hits

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$ 38.00 - $ 53.00
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Label: World Record Club
Cat. Number: R-00455
Release Country: Australia
Release Year: 1977
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Item Description

LP Compilation Club Edition Reissue Stereo

Cover lists catalog number as S/4574, label lists it as R-00455.

Eighth Australian pressing by World Record Club. Original was [r7591815]. The catalogue numbers starting with "R-" were introduced in December 1974 (in the case of reissues, the old sleeve designs were retained, almost always with the previous "S/" number and address combinations). Here, the obsolete 1969 address combination is unchanged on the back of the sleeve. The sleeve manufacturing process changed at the end of 1976 - before that, a laminate strip is present down the right side of the rear of the sleeve. Here, it is absent. The labels have "stereo" printed at 7:00.

On the back cover George Martin appears as 'Big George Martin', on the labels as just 'George Martin'.

299 Flinders Lane Melbourne
177 Elizabeth St Sydney
Newspaper House, 93 Queen St Brisbane
Stafford House, 23 Leigh St Adelaide
143 Barrack St Perth
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Magical Mystery Tour And Other Splendid Hits

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