BEATLES - A Hard Day's Night (original Motion Picture Sound Track)

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$ 37.00 - $ 51.00

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Item Details:
Valued Price
$ 37.00 - $ 51.00
NM (Near Mint) : $33.00 - $45.00
EX (Excellent) : $25.00 - $34.00
VG (Very Good) : $17.00 - $24.00
Label: United Artists Records
Cat. Number: UAS 6366
Release Country: US
Release Year: 1968
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Item Description

Vinyl, , Pink/Orange label
LP Album Reissue

Four factory label variations exist and can be found with our w/o 'The Beatles' with our w/o 'Tell Me Why' misspelled as 'Tell Me Who', with our w/o 'I'll Cry Instead' misspelled as 'I Cry Instead'.
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