David Bowie 1st Lp Deram Sml 1007 1st Uk Press Stereo Outstanding Nm Audio

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13 Dec 2015
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Herts Hertfordshire
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Item Description

All my items have a full money-back guarantee - if it s not as described you can return it for a full refund.

I have been a David Bowie fan since the 1970s and have a huge collection of items accumulated over the years, including boxes of memorabilia which I am now beginning to list on ebay. I m not sure of the value of much of this stuff and so I will start all items at the lowest price I would accept for them. If they don t sell I will simply put them back into my collection.

I m not intending to spend ages on these listings: I am assuming that most Bowie fans will know what s what, so descriptions will generally be brief with a small number of photos, but if you have specific questions about any item please don t hesitate to ask.

As always, any significant issues will be mentioned in the listing. All these items are from my own collection so if I don t specifically mention anything about the condition, then please assume that it is in a very acceptable, collectable condition.

P P charges in the UK: All items are listed with a free P P option. If you are the only bidder on the item or if it sells for less than 10, then you can have it posted for free. However, any item exceeding 10 in value will need to be sent via one of the paid-for methods listed in the P P section.

P P charges for bidders outside the UK: Please note that I send ALL international items tracked and/or signed, which costs more than the standard airmail rate. For information about P P costs please read the information about P P further down the listing.

Please note that small items such as tickets or postcards will be the same P P price regardless of the number of items that you order - you only pay P P for the first one.

This is a rare and original 1967 1st UK pressing. It s complete and original throughout. The cover has some normal signs of age and use, but the only significant issue is a small tear approx 1cm at the opening which has been neatly repaired from the inside. I have shown this close-up in the last two photographs, but this is not at all prominent and they would probably only be noticed if you were looking for them.

The record has spindle marking on the labels and normal signs of careful use on the disk, but there are no bad marks or anything audible anywhere. I have played the entire record listening intently through headphones and the whole thing sounds superb with nothing to report. I would have no hestitation to play-grade both sides as Near Mint. This item is 48 years old, and I doubt that there can be many that sound as good as this one.

Detracting features not covered above: None.

Please check out my other items and take advantage of reduced postage costs for multiple buys.

Information about descriptions and gradings.
My items are always described accurately and fairly. I always do my best to point out any blemishes which might detract from the item and all photographs are of the actual item you will get. I am aware that different grading systems have different definitions and so I try as much as possible to describe items in plain English, rather than simply using gradings. Where gradings are given these are based on the UK RECORD COLLECTOR GRADING SYSTEM. This grading system differs from some other grading systems, in particular the Goldmine grading system. Please make sure that you are familiar with the UK record collector grading system before you bid.

Play-graded vinyl: Although I don t have time to play them all, I believe that records are for playing and so I try to play-grade records whenever possible. I always state in the listing if I have played a record prior to listing it. If I have play-graded the record I will usually only give a description of how the record looks i.e. not a visual grading . The grading in the listing will be a play-grading and may be slightly different from the grading that the record would receive from a purely visual inspection. If I haven t play-graded the record, it will be given a visual grading.

Play-grading MONO records: Mono records and stereo records have different grooves. A stereo record produces a stereo sound via both lateral and vertical groove modulation whereas a mono record is not intended to produce any sound from vertical modulation. Playing a mono record with a stereo cartridge will create distortion because it is trying to pick-up the vertical stereo part of the signal, whereas this is not intended to be heard on a mono record and so is just noise. Using a pre-amp with a mono switch will eliminate the noise caused by vertical modulation leaving just the lateral groove signal which is how the record was intended to be heard. Based on the assumption that most people choosing to listen to a mono record will have the right equipment to play it on, I play all mono records via a pre-amp with a mono switch. My play-grading is based on how the record sounds when played through a mono switch. If you do not have a mono switch on your amp or pre-amp you will be reproducing the noise from the vertical part of the signal and so the record will not sound as good. This is not any fault of the record, it is inherent to playing any mono record through a system that it was not designed for.

Visually-graded vinyl: A visual grading will identify physical flaws such as scratches and can help determine whether a record has been cared-for properly. I always do my best to give a fair assessment of any visible marks on the playing surface, but a visual grading will not identify noise or crackle caused by non-visible sources. Most of the records I sell are between thirty and fifty years old and so it is likely that there may be some background noise even if they look perfect. Please see Terms and Conditions below for my refunds policy for visually graded records.

I have some very simple terms and conditions. Please read them and ensure that you understand them before bidding. Thank you.


My items are fully guaranteed - if it is not as described you can return it for a full refund, including postage. Refunds for visually graded records which are returned based upon the buyer s assessment of the record s playgrade, will not include postage costs in either direction. Your bid is binding, so please make sure you have READ and UNDERSTOOD the WHOLE LISTING before you bid. I will not accept returns where the buyer has not read or not understood something which is stated/shown in the listing.
I accept Paypal and postal orders in UK Sterling GBP for all purchases. I also accept cheques in UK Sterling GBP on orders OVER 50.Please pay for your item within three days of the auction closing. If you are intending to bid on other items and wish to pay when they have closed, please contact me to let me know. I reserve the right to cancel any transactions and offer the item to the second highest bidder if no contact or payment is made within three days.


I care about the items I sell and believe that they need to be carefully and securely packaged to ensure that they survive their journey through the post.The contents will be protected with rigid cardboard stiffeners and all packages are labelled Do not bend and securely sealed with FRAGILE parcel tape.

I support the use of recycled materials and so I may use recycled packaging. If you wish your item to be sent in entirely new packaging please let me know before paying for it. Thanks.

P P charges

My P P charges are totally transparent . Please read below and if you have any questions about P P costs please contact me BEFORE you bid. Thank you.

Sending items costs more than just the stamps on the package, but I try not to charge more for packing and posting your item than it actually costs me to do so. I need to cover the cost of packing materials, transportation, fees and charges associated with sending the item including fees incurred to receive the cost of postage and, where applicable, currency exchange etc. To cover these expenses I add a nominal figure to the basic cost charged at the post office. For UK sales I add 1.10, for European sales I add 1.90 and for transactions outside Europe I add 2.30. These are nominal amounts and the actual cost to me is always higher than this. I do not view P P costs as a means of making money.

Depending on the precise weight of your parcel, you may occasionally end up paying a few pence more or a few pence less than it actually costs me, but if there is a significant discrepancy in your favour I will refund the difference.

UK P P costs

All these memorabilia items are listed with a free P P option. If you are the only bidder or if it sells for less than 10, then you can have it posted for free via standard 2nd class .
However, any item exceeding 10 in value will need to be sent by one of the following signed-for methods, priced as shown in the listing: 2nd class signed-for, 1st class signed-for, Special Delivery. Please do not select the free P P option for items valued over 10. If you do, I will simply return your payment. Thank you.

Airmail with tracking and/or signature to any country OUTSIDE the UK

Overseas orders will ONLY be sent by a trackable method.


First item 11.70, each additional item, add 1.50.

Rest of the world anywhere outside Europe

First item 14.90, each additional item, add 2.00.

Overseas orders weighing more than 2kg or valued over 500 may be split into two or more packages as appropriate so they can be sent using Royal Mail s Small Packet Rate, so please wait for my invoice on larger multiple purchases.

Customs declaration for overseas orders: Please note that for overseas orders outside the EU I need to complete a customs declaration and must enter the value of the package on the declaration.

If you have any queries please email BEFORE you bid.

Thanks for your interest in this listing and for taking the time to read these details.
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