Orquesta Mega Uno Borinquen 1279 Shrink Heavy Guaguanco Salsa Guajira Latin Lp

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06 Dec 2015
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Brooklyn New York
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Item Description

ORQUESTA MEGA UNO Borinquen 1279 SHRINK Heavy Guaguanco Salsa Guajira latin lp

Orquesta Mega Uno

Borinquen ADG-1279

Vinyl: VG

Jacket: VG in shrink wrap

Hey Friend Please read the following before bidding


Records are Original pressings- meaning NOT contemporary reissues or bootlegs- unless otherwise noted.

In the case of multiple pressings of the title over the years, the particular pressing will be indicated.

Records are visually graded conservatively under strong light as follows: SS, NM, VG, VG, VG, VG-, G, Poor

Records are basically graded according to the goldmine standard- except the grade VG and VG- have been added, because there is shade of gray in-between NM and VG, and VG and G.

Near Mint NM : A perfect record. Does such a thing exist? Yes. God bless the folks that kept their stuff in such pristine shape. Maybe very rich or OCD? Maybe not, just very careful. The record shows no sign of wear whatsoever. Under a bright bulb with an eagle s eye This grade can really only be used for discs that probably were only played several times and then filed away into a fantastic poly-lined inner sleeve.

An LP jacket has no creases, folds, seam splits or any other noticeable similar defect. No cut-out holes, either. And of course, the same is true of any other inserts, such as posters, lyric sleeves, and the like. Basically, Near Mint looks as if you just got it home from a new record store and removed the shrink wrap.

VG: Shows some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it. Record surfaces may show some slight signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don t affect one s listening experience. That is to say, very slight signs of wear, and a VG record will really only have several very slight imperfections in what looks like a perfect surface.

VG records will have some scuffs or light scratches, areas that make it obvious the disc is used, however the type of wear that comes from careful use over time. The label may have some ring wear or discoloration. Picture sleeves and LP jackets will have some slight wear, lightly turn-up corners, or a slight seam-split, or discretely taped areas. An LP jacket may also be marred by a cut-out hole, indentation or corner indicating it was taken out of print and sold at a discount.

Very Good VG : Many of the defects found in a VG record are more pronounced in a VG disc. Surface noise is evident upon playing, especially in soft passages and during the song s intro and fade, but will not overpower the music otherwise. Groove wear will start to be noticeable, as will light scratches deep enough to feel with a fingernail that will affect the sound.

Labels may be marred by writing, or have tape or stickers or their residue attached. The same will be true of the LP covers, although will generally still have a sturdy integrity.

Very Good Minus VG- : Lots of small scratches that may affect sound. Under a magnifying glass it s a nightmare, but to the naked eye it is your average used record. It s the condition of the record in the DJs crate. It is the condition that defined the vinyl record in the CD era. To an archivist collector it is totally unacceptable, yet to an millennial vinyl fan it has that charming snap crackle pop In general a step below a VG grade, that is, the disc can be played and enjoyed although covered in imperfections. It was joyfully, lustfully, drunkenly played many times and scored many a crazy and banal memory. The grade all collectors must come to terms with at some point.

Good G , Good Plus G : A record in Good or Good Plus condition will probably look in very poor condition- as in rubbed with sandpaper- and play with surface noise. It may still sound good though depending on the pressing, and still be an enjoyable listen. In general I wouldn t try to sell a record in this condition unless it was a truly rare thing, and that one could still play it and be somewhat satisfied, maybe even transported by it.

IMPORTANT --ALL International orders over 150 require either Priority or Express International shipping or registration to ensure tracking.

This is to protect both the buyer and seller, and to help guarantee the package is received safe and sound


Buyer pays all shipping and handling charges.

LPs are shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer and removed from the LP jacket to prevent damage to the seams and spine.


Shipping in the US generally runs 4.50 media mail w/ tracking for up to 2 records.

First-Class International Airmail shipping is at cost and varies per country.

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